Wonderful Dream Bicycles

I was pleased to learn that the above photo inspired Marty Manley (former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor, founder of online bookseller Alibris, and “slightly obsessed” bicyclist) to post an essay to his blog titled, Wonderful dream bicycles that change and grow. The essay is an interesting look at the above bikes and how the global economy has affected the companies that built them. Good stuff!

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  • Molnar says:

    Thanks for posting this. I had never hear of Marty Manley, even though his interests intersect mine in many areas, and I have bought books from him. Also, it’s good to see that at least one graduate of a school in Whittier went to Washington without disastrous consequences (I won’t name names – we don’t want to go off on a tangent). The one minor quibble I have with his essay is his knocking of clipless (which he also calls “clip-on”) pedals. There’s notning wrong with a racing bike (I have three), and one of the few modern innovations of which I approve is the clipless pedal. Gears beyond ten, carbon, aero anything: these I can happily live without. But clipless pedals as a sustitute for toe clips and straps are a great invention. It’s sometimes hard to see, but there is such a thing as progress.

  • Alan says:


    I’m going to guess Mr. Manley is a user of platform pedals ala the Shoes Ruse, not toe clips:



  • Molnar says:

    Look, I wear sneakers and pedal without encumbrance on my ANT (and soon to be a second ANT), but the argument that locking your foot to the pedal is basically pointless because you don’t actually pull up, but only push down less is nonsense – all that matters is the relative efficiency, not an absolute measure. Even the Rivendell article admits the advice is for the general rider, and I agree. But, as I said (ignoring my typo), as a substitute for clips and straps, clipless pedals are great.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Molnar says:
    > as a substitute for clips and straps, clipless pedals are great

    But clips are so much prettier, particularly with leather straps…
    : )

  • David says:

    I ride with toe clips and straps on all of my bikes but will be going to clipless pedals when riding in my Velomobile Quest. My Quest is slated to ship on the 10th of this month, a little over a week from now.

    It is my (latest) Dream Bike.

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