Tamia Nelson’s Endless Summer Entry

Thirty-five miles into a leisurely 40-mile day trip to explore and photograph a route over a remote northern Adirondack mountain, we stopped alongside a trout stream to picnic and stretch out in the cool shade. On such a day is seems as if summer will go on forever. The cold spring-fed stream chortled just beyond the roadside pull-off, its banks made colorful by wildflowers. No cloud and no contrail marred the cerulean sky. The road was empty of motor vehicles, and not one sound of human occupation could be heard. I wanted to linger under the spreading canopy of green leaves, taking in the view, enjoying the companionship of warblers and chickadees flitting in the shrubbery on their own search for lunch.

When I went through the photos afterwards, I realized that the water bottle’s legend — “Espace Découvertes” — was just what my husband and I had been doing, discovering open spaces. What better way to spend a summer day?

It’s great fun looking at the terrific photos folks are sending in. So varied, yet at the same time, it’s clear we all share one thing: the love of bikes and cycling.

Thanks much, Tamia
Tamia Nelson’s Outside Up North

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