A Remarkable Woman

For the past 26 years, 84-year-old Lan Yin “Eiko” Tsai has ridden her 1-speed bike 150 miles in New Jersey’s City to Shore multiple sclerosis fundraiser. Read about her at CNN

2 Responses to “A Remarkable Woman”

  • Scott says:

    I’ve done the City-to-Shore MS 150 three different times, and have seen this woman each time. She really does ride an old single-speed cruiser bike. She really does wear high heels and a dress!

  • Molnar says:

    This reminds me of Fred Knoller, who used to win the national time trial championship for his 80 and over age group every year. He would ride the 25 miles in times around an hour and a half, which would be a respectable time for most of us at any age. Of course, he didn’t do it in heels and a dress – that would have been a different event entirely.

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