Nicholas TenBrink’s Endless Summer Entry

Here is a shot I snapped off in early August on a day off from working at the bike shop, the place I took this shot at is one of my more favorite places to ride to here in town to get away from everything and reflect. It also usually results in me taking pictures of my bike throughout the seasons there also.

Nicholas TenBrink, Ann Arbor, Michigan

2 Responses to “Nicholas TenBrink’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Seth Hoyt says:

    That’s a beauty of a Surly, Mr. TenBrink. Component questions: does the seat post have a shock absorber of some kind built in? Handlebars: whose? Tire size? Stock paint? Nice work; it must be a real pleasure to ride this baby. Have fun!

  • nick says:

    Sorry on the delay of response.
    The seat post is a used Ritchey from a friend, just a regular solid post, i’m not much of a fan of suspension seat posts. The handle bars are Nitto Mustache bars. Tires are 700×38 Continental Contacts. Stock paint for ’08 – Misty Mountain Grey. She is definitely my Go-To bike, rides great, looks classy, utilitarian and does every thing that it is asked to do.

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