Joe Martinson’s Endless Summer Entry

Here’s a picture of my Gunnar. No exotic location, just a park not too far from my house that I stopĀ  by on my way back from rides. Great website/blog!

Joe Martinson

4 Responses to “Joe Martinson’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Saddle Up says:

    This photo makes me want to ride that bike on that road. Very Nice.

  • Antoine says:

    Looks pretty exotic, or at least “exquisite” to me. Are you sharing that road with cars?

  • Brad says:

    A Gunnar is my regular road bike. Nice frame. Steel is real.

  • Joe Martinson says:

    Thanks, I really enjoy my Gunnar. It’s become my primary ride since I had it built up in May. That ‘road’ is a bike/walk/run trail in a local park that’s close to my house. I sometimes swing through the park on the way home since it has an entry/exit point at my neighborhood.

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