Josef Janning’s Endless Summer Entry

My entry into the contest is more of a snapshot than a photo. Also, I have not taken it but I am in the picture and it is my trike that a group of students was eager to try out — everyone of them! We met this group with their teachers in a small Bavarian town on the river Main on our summer tour 2008 (ok, not this summer, but a great summer too).  In the last week of school, Bavarian students traditionally go on a day tour, hiking, biking or by bus. This group was on bikes which may explain their immediate fascination with our tricycles. As you can see, they are cueing up. What strikes me is the expressions in their faces. Look at the boy sitting on the trike, he is delighted; look at the guy first in line and who is getting really exited already. The one after him is preparing himself mentally by checking out the other trike the cranks of which you can see in the bottom right. Number 4 in line clearly feels that the others take too long whereas number 5 and beyond know that they will have to wait somewhat longer. It took us about half an hour to satisfy all of their demands — time well spent since we were taking a break anyway.

Best, Josef

2 Responses to “Josef Janning’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • donald stewart says:

    what generosity and what fun. It must have been worth it, they kept coming! If it wasn’t worth it the line would have dwindled very quickly. Great to hear that kids are getting out on that kind of outing too. I can’t quite imagine in our current legal climate taking a bunch of kids that age anywhere let alone on a biking expedition though I know teachers who still do that kind of thing. More power to them!

  • Josef says:

    The teachers were impressed with the level of interest of the kids themselves. We had a nice chat with them — they are in the picture too, the two ladies, one on the left and the one in the center. If I recall well, there was hardly a kid in class that did not line up to sit on the trike at one point. We had met them earlier on route along the river — in duck formation behind on of the teachers with the other one riding in the back. They had seen us passing them, that speeded up making contact when the group arrived on the market square where we were resting with ice cream and expresso.

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