Eric Shalit’s Endless Summer Entry

This past summer, I took my 2 sons on a car-free bike camping trip to the Oregon Coast. We took Amtrak from Seattle to Eugene, then bikes from Eugene to Florence and headed north up the coast. This photo was taken on the beach at Yachats, Oregon. That’s my 18-year old son Max on the left riding a 1980 custom Rodriguez, and Gabe (15) riding a Surly Crosscheck.

Eric Shalit

5 Responses to “Eric Shalit’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • paul says:

    Unless you yourself are constantly riding it must’ve been tough keeping up with the young turks.

  • Eric Shalit says:

    Funny you should mention that. I would race ahead of them, and throw my bike down to take photos of them riding toward me, only to find that they had chased me down and passed me. I yelled at them (child abuse) to give me a break and let me take some photos. “But we’re hungry” they argued. We were headed to town for dinner, about 5 miles down the beach.

    I replied “hey, it’s sunset on the Pacific Ocean for crying out loud (add profanities of your choice here). Let me take some (more profanities) photos. This is the kind of place that Kodak comes to to do commercials (at least back in the day when there was film)”.

    They relented. Closeups show pouting faces.

    I did also shoot while riding alongside and behind them. The shots are more random. I normally don’t like risking holding the camera while riding. The light and landscape were worth the risk though.

  • donald stewart says:

    does the salty sand have any significant deleterious effect on the bikes or is it too soon to know? looks as though it would be really fun to ride on the sand!!

    Have you seen the web video of the two boys trying to do (not do ) the card for their mother? Your story of the pouty faces reminded me of it.

  • Eric Shalit says:

    Can you believe my 18-year old son was very concerned about that and I wasn’t? It’s my 1980 custom Rodriguez with full Campy he’s riding. The sand is hard-packed near the shore. When we got back to the campsite we washed the bikes off with fresh water. In my opinion it was worth it for the experience of riding off into the sunset on the ocean on our bikes, plus the great photos. Epic!

    Never saw that video you mention.

  • donald stewart says:

    thanks so much for sharing. It is so easy to say oh why bother or who cares? As i am discovering with this site LOTS OF PEOPLE CARE. GREAT!!

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