Michael’s Endless Summer Entry

This shot was taken in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We’ve since moved away from that area, but scenes like this still haunt me sometimes. But, the riding is just as good here in Southern Indiana.


5 Responses to “Michael’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Alan says:

    Sigh. I heart Northern PA.


  • Ryan says:

    Fellow Southern Indianan here… The riding around here is actually pretty good, however some drivers here act like they have never seen a bike on the road before.

  • Apertome says:

    Ryan … true, but I found that problem was much worse in Pennsylvania.

  • Jusin says:

    Great photo, Michael.

    Ryan, thankfully, here in the Highlands the drivers are somewhat accustomed to bikes. If I venture too far out of this neighborhood, though, it can get dicey.

  • randomray says:

    Yes , it seems like just yesterday that I was riding through country side like that . Hold it , it was just yesterday . Yeah , ” looking out the window ” pretty much like that except for all the rain today .

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