Lucas Anderson’s Endless Summer Entry

My late 70s Fuji Sport 10 complete with genuine (“vintage” if you will) Cumberland Farms crate as a basket (hey, it works!). It’s set up as a single-speed and has been my “daily driver” for the last 3 years. Here shown on a railroad overpass footbridge on the last “hot” Saturday I can recall. Thank you!

Lucas Anderson

One Response to “Lucas Anderson’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    Sweet! My daily rider is an early 70s Fuji in far worse condition! The geometry (as far as I can tell), the head badge and the fork decals are all the same, as are the stripes on the seat tube but not the top decal on the seat tube. The drive-train on mine is pretty beat up… maybe an SS conversion is in its future.

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