Allison Lowry’s Endless Summer Entry

For years I stopped riding bikes because there seemed to be only two categories: mountain biking and road biking. I didn’t want to do either. This summer I (re)discovered the joy of riding around town and running errands by bike. This old Columbia 3-speed sat on our front porch all summer for quick trips to the store for essentials.

Allison Lowry, Vermont

7 Responses to “Allison Lowry’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Alan says:

    Great story!

  • Donald says:

    I am liking this summer pic and story!!

  • Chris from DE says:

    Mmmm, is that Long Trail Ale? Please drink one for me, too!

  • Rex in Phoenix says:

    Wow… that story is so similar to mine it makes me happy to see it. I’ve added bike commuting and family rides to errand running and find spending time on the bike more compelling than ever.

  • Croupier says:

    I’m guessing that 75% of my short rides this past summer were beer runs. Cheers.

  • Aaron says:

    Pure awesomeness.

  • james jay says:

    Lovely photo!

    i want a print of this!


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