Simon de Beauvoir’s Endless Summer Entry

Herewith an entry in your contest: the bunch of flowers caught my eye, while riding home from a farmers’ market in Redfern, Sydney, Australia, thus I was compelled to attempt a using my mobile (cell) phone, which is all I had to hand.

Simon de Beauvoir, Sydney, Australia

3 Responses to “Simon de Beauvoir’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Josef says:

    This is a familiar sight to me — or, I should say, it would be a familiar sight to me if I could see myself riding. On many Saturdays and not just in the summer I pick up a bouquet of flowers at my favorite stand and ride home with the flowers on the rack.

  • Brian says:

    Nice shot! The camera isn’t the most important thing, is it? Being there is.

  • randomray says:

    Great picture , missed it earlier .

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