Jeremy Pawlowski’s Endless Summer Entry

A picture of me (taken by my girlfriend) and my fully loaded Long Haul Trucker on our cross country tour this summer. Pacific Ocean on the right, San Clemente, CA on the left.

Jeremy Pawlowski

5 Responses to “Jeremy Pawlowski’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Jim says:

    I rode through San Clemente earlier this spring, and took some photos in pretty much this exact spot!

  • Jeremy says:

    We loved San Clemente and spent a few days relaxing at that very spot, and being from New Hampshire the water was unbelievably warm to us!

  • Tommy says:

    Is this the beginning or end of the tour?

  • donald stewart says:

    great spot – not much bike showing

  • Jeremy says:


    It was the end of the tour!

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