David Cambon’s Endless Summer Entry

I was cycling to the Arctic this summer and this cycletourist and these horses appeared at the same time in the absolute middle of nowhere on the very remote Stewart-Cassiar Highway in northern British Columbia. There’s no explanation for the horses.┬áThere are no human settlements anywhere nearby.

David Cambon

9 Responses to “David Cambon’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • David Cambon says:

    The looks on those horses faces cracks me up! I had been cycling for hours and I had not seen a single vehicle or a person or a horse and all of a sudden this scene appeared! The hilarious full story is here:


  • MW says:

    Oh the poor guy looks terribly sun-burnt! And that palomino is seriously stacked. I mean, like Equus schwarzeneggerii. lol :P

  • Aaron Collins says:

    That is FANTASTIC!

  • cb says:

    That’s like the Fabio of horses. Sheeeez.

  • Alan says:


    I’ve been reading your story on Crazy Guy. What an adventure. You put up some serious miles everyday. The fact that those beautiful horses appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of nowhere, is bizarre.

    Thanks for sharing…

  • Anders says:

    What a great moment.

  • Croupier says:

    Almost surreal, but also funny. Very cool.

  • Alan says:

    Yeah, I keep looking at that photo. It has a sort of Twilight Zone quality to it.

  • donald stewart says:

    I haven’t been on for a while but this site is as good as I remembered and more. I just love sharing this wonderful positive stuff with so many people. hurrah for the web and three cheers for Alan and Ecovelo.

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