William F. House’s Endless Summer Entry

What could be more summer-y than peaches? That’s my Kogswell P/R with Pass&Stow rack.

William F. House

5 Responses to “William F. House’s Endless Summer Entry”

  • Will says:

    ….and the other items were red vines, fresh okra and a tin of Hungarian paprika. My daughter and I had just made a run to Lucky’s Market here in Boulder. We had a late summer gumbo and a peach cobbler. It was one of the best days of our summer. The Kogswell is a great grocery getter.

  • Alan says:

    It’s a lovely photo. I can smell the peaches from here…

  • Dan says:

    How is the box attached to the rack?

  • Will says:

    I use black zip ties between the slats in the bottom of the crate. They go around the bars of the rack and get cinched down really tight. The rack doesn’t move or shift or vibrate at all. If/when I need to remove the crate I just snip the ties.

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