The Return of Bicycles

Chapter 6 from Lester Brown’s Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization is available on the Earth Policy Institute website. The essay, titled Designing Cities for People: The Return of Bicycles, looks at bicycles and their many benefits to society and the environment. Here’s an excerpt:

The bicycle has many attractions as a form of personal transportation. It alleviates congestion, lowers air pollution, reduces obesity, increases physical fitness, does not emit climate-disrupting carbon dioxide, and is priced within the reach of billions of people who cannot afford a car. Bicycles increase mobility while reducing congestion and the area of land paved over. Six bicycles can typically fit into the road space used by one car. For parking, the advantage is even greater, with 20 bicycles occupying the space required to park a car.

It’s worth a read.

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One Response to “The Return of Bicycles”

  • Geoff says:

    Looks like an important book. Easier to see, now, what’s happening in “background” as entities like Duke Power are getting more into wind, solar, and other alternatives. It’ll take time to digest the whole thing (I downloaded and saved it on a CD), but the guy’s research seems extensive. Yes….worth a read and a contemplation.

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