Stuff We Like: Pletscher Deluxe Top Plate

The Pletscher Deluxe Top Plate replaces the standard top plate that comes with the Pletscher Double kickstand (a top plate is used on bicycles that don’t have a kickstand plate welded between the chainstays). The Deluxe Top Plate includes the metal plate, two plastic sleeves to protect the chainstays and a longer mounting bolt. The metal plate is drilled to accept tabs protruding from the plastic sleeves. The tabs hold the sleeves in position while allowing them to rotate left and right.

Installation was a simple bolt-on affair. To provide a little extra grip and protect the stays on the bottom side, I wrapped the stays with a single layer of cloth bar tape prior to installing the kickstand. It’s also a good idea to put a little Loctite on the mounting bolt during installation.

It took me a bit of searching to find one, but the Deluxe Top Plate is available through Thor USA. I ordered the part through their website and it arrived just a few days later. It’s well worth the $8 plus shipping if you have a Pletscher Double. While you’re at it, I’d recommend ordering a pair of Double Shoes as well. They’re only a couple of dollars and they improve stability on slick surfaces.

Thor USA

PS – Scroll about half way down the above linked page to locate the plate and shoes.

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  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    This is such an excellent idea for bicycles that are made without kickstand plates. Just looking at that nice teal paint makes me want to save it from the jaws of bolts and clamp-ons!

  • skpedaler says:

    In a related issue with the kickstand installation. I have just received one of the Sam Hillborne frames (orange of course) and ordered the one leg stand like you have on your bike. I asked rivendell to send seperately the hex bolt so I do not have to use a top plate, but I am interested in hearing if it is possible to protect the bottom of the plate welded to the frame from the kickstand lower mounting plate and still keep it free from the ablitly to rotate (the entire kickstand that is).

  • Mike says:


    You could try cutting a small rectangle (with a hole in the middle) out of an old innertube and sandwiching that between the kickstand and the kickstand plate on the frame. Should prevent both rotation and scartching.


  • Alan says:

    Yup, what Mike said.


  • skpedaler says:

    that is so simple and straightforward that it is no wonder I didn’t think about it.

  • eddie f says:

    i checked the thor site. $10 for the part and $8 for shipping makes that a pricey piece.

    someone should buy them in volume and sell to us bloggers.

  • Lickle says:

    My problem with the Pletscher wasn’t with the top of the stays, it was the underside. They were getting crushed by the flat top of the stand. I used this mounting bit but put it on the underside. This required drilling two small holes into the stand so that the ‘pins’ on the plastic bits had a place to seat themselves on the stand. A thick piece of rubber floor mat went under the top clamp and now it is totally sweet. I have pics if anyone needs them to clarify.

  • Elliott @ Violet Crown Cycles says:

    Great idea! I agree with Lickle that the standard top plate is one of the better ones for not scratching the stays.

  • David says:

    This is such a great Idea. Absolutly brilliant but simple. But perhaps one on top and one on bottom of ones chain stays.

    One time at the shop where I wrench a customer brought in a old bike they had bought at a garage sale for $200. They wanted an evaluation and to get it running.

    It was an Classic old Colnago with Columbus tubing and a Campy Nuevo Record groupo, Cinelli bar and stem and all the top gear from that age.

    Someone, a past owner had installed a Pletscher single leg kickstand and had seriously damaged, crushed the oval chain stays. The owner thought he had the deal of a life time which I agreed with to a point but I had to recommend that he did not ride the bike until he had a serious talk with a top notch frame builder.

    If someone really needed to put a kick stand on such a bike those plastic sleeves would be the way to go.

  • bongobike says:


    I haven’t looked at one in years, but I thought the kickstand mounting plates that are welded to the chainstays usually have something like a “lip” that is bent downward, so rotation of the kickstand would be impossible. Are they not making them like that anymore?

  • Thor says:

    Hello Guys

    first of all THANKS Alan …..much apreciate it ….

    However I sold more today than all last year and now I am out …. woohooo with about ten patient customer on the wait list ….

    So if you need those little buggers in a hurry .. aint gonna happen …
    BUT good news from Switzerland they are mailing 50 sets today and by end of next week I should have more

    Thanks …

    p.s. an I steal the pic for my website ? Its gorgeous
    p.s.2 .. 10 dlr shipping ..yeah its a drag but Ups cost me 12 dlrs these days for most and USPS is a little cheaperr but still 10 bucks dont even start to cover the packing and stuff….
    good news if you can order 200 dlr or more ..than shipping is free .. :-)

  • Alan says:


    “However I sold more today than all last year and now I am out …. woohooo with about ten patient customer on the wait list ….”

    LOL… I was afraid that was going to happen. Thanks for jumping on it and getting more in-stock ASAP.

    “p.s. can I steal the pic for my website ? Its gorgeous”

    Yes, please do steal the pic.

    I hear you on shipping. I ran a photo contest earlier in the year and the international shipping costs on the prizes practically broke the bank.


  • Thor says:

    got them in today and all pending orders will be in the mail today as well ….

    Thanks and enjoy the little buggers :-)

  • Nico says:

    I found this thread after doing an extensive search on LHT’s and kickstand. The consensus is that the PLETSCHER Double kickstand is the most sturdy, but because Surly doesn’t include a plate, you can damage the chain stay tubes. In fact, even Surly cautions people about using this:
    Is the deluxe plate able to hold together and not move without damaging the tubes? From what I gathered, Lickle’s idea seems to be the one that works. Many thanks for any assistance. Interestingly, Soma Bicycles put a plate on their touring bike, the Saga.

  • Thor says:

    it should work well, but in any case if you are not satisfied you can mail the deal back for a full refund ( not for freight , just the Pletscher part )
    If it does work ( or not ) please post here with the results or email me , so next time around I will know 100 % ….. THANKS


  • Lickle says:

    I forgot to add I needed to cut a groove in one of the parts to pass the derailleur cable through…

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