Planet Bike Blaze 2W

Following up on the success of the popular Blaze 1W, Planet Bike is now offering the Blaze 2W LED headlight. From Planet Bike:

  • Reinforced alloy midsection
  • High and low power beam along with “SuperFlash” flashing mode
  • “SuperFlash” mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • QuickCam™ bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds w/o tools
  • High/low/flashing run times of 5/12/18 hours on 2 AA batteries (included)

This looks like a super deal at $59.95.

Planet Bike

Disclosure: Planet Bike is a sponsor of this website.

8 Responses to “Planet Bike Blaze 2W”

  • Russ says:

    Make a dynamo version and you’ve got something…

  • bongobike says:

    Planet Bike already makes the Blaze Dynamo light.

  • tdp says:

    I will make you MINE!

  • Russ says:

    Blaze Dynamo is a 1 watt. I have one on the grocery-getter already. Its bright enough as a daytime blinky and works fine on the flats, but I need more lumens on the downhills or when on-coming headlights wash it out. Right now I pair it with a hardware-store led flashlight to broaden the (notably) narrow beam.

  • doug says:

    My 1w blaze died yesterday. Too many rainy nights and then it fell off of my bike twice. Another $45 light broken. Sigh.

  • the other Adam says:

    I just tried this light for the first time last night and it’s pretty durn good for a handlebar light. It lights up the dark spots on the bike path MUCH better than my old 1W Blaze, and even my reflection in windows was pretty visible. It’s probably even good enough for some moderate off-roading. It’s the first LED handlebar light I’ve actually been happy with (I like them for battery life, but it took a long time to catch up with the brightness and side visibility of the old halogens).

    If the Blaze Dynamo is the same as my battery 1W blaze, then it’s only minimally adequate for city use and not much good on dark paths… there are lots of much better dynamo lights out there and If I couldn’t afford a fancy German LED dynamo light I’d just use a cheap 3W halogen (which I do). A dynamo version of the 2W would be more tempting.

    Protip: Planet Bike QR brackets can be unreliable so to avoid spontaneous ejection on bumps I put a broccoli elastic around the light and bracket, and just use the cam for quick release.

  • Ed says:

    I’ve used the dynamo 1W on pitch black country roads and found it superior to the Lumotec 3W halogen (itself a good light).

    If you need more light, you can wire two of them in a series, and aim them in slightly different angles.


  • Bob B says:

    I use the Superflash on a few bikes. I also started using this affordable Cateye that I learned about from Kent.

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