Gallery: Doug’s 1953 Schwinn World

I commute to work most days on this 1953 Schwinn World Three-Speed. 10 mile round trip. I make runs to the store with it — for quick trips I use the folding steel basket on the back, for big trips I hook up my Burley Flatbed. It’ll soon have a front-hub-generator fed lighting system. —Doug

7 Responses to “Gallery: Doug’s 1953 Schwinn World”

  • paul says:

    If something like this were to be painted and refurbed would it ruin it’s value?

  • Thom says:

    Paul, it depends on what you mean by “value.” Assuming that you mean monetary value as a collectible and not use value, a refurbishment (overhaul of bearings, etc.) would not decrease the value, but depending on how it was done, a paint job would probably decrease its value as a collectible.

    Doug, it’s great to see you using an old bike as a regular working bicycle. The value of a bike like this transcends collector’s value, in my opinion. They’re just better bicycles that 90% of what’s built today.

  • Rob Mackenzie says:

    I remember that bike from a whole different perspective… it was the new bike guys were getting when I was six years old!

  • ryan says:

    Speaking of old cool bikes. I just left California to work in Brooklyn for a couple weeks at a 120 acre gas plant in Brooklyn to work on environmental mitigation. There is a really old trike with a basket on the back and a old cargo bike, the kind that has two wheels in the front with a platform that has a basket that you hold on to to steer. There is a guy in a shop that rides the bikes around the site carrying auto parts to the shop and running general errands around the site. It is pretty cool to see because the site is over 100 years old with huge brick buildings and this guy on the old bke ( has to be over 50 years old) around the site looks pretty classic and really clashes with all the new equipment and work trucks all over the place.

    It miss not having my bike for 2 weeks and the guy woking with his bike makes me jealous.

    Nice bike Doug!

  • Doug says:

    Thanks for the nice comments on my dinosaur! The main thing this bike has taught me, or maybe I should say “re-taught” me is that INTERNAL HUBS ROCK! Especially for urban and flat environments. It is really nice to pull up to a red light, stop, downshift, and then start again in a low gear – no more grinding through the gears as you decelerate as on “conventional” gears. I changed out the back cog from 18 teeth to 22 teeth – much better as it makes the highest gear useable.

    This is for Rob:

  • 2whls3spds says:

    @ ryan

    Probably Worksman Bicycles they still build them in NYC. I have worked at quite a few industrial plants across the country and it always warms my heart to see the old beasts still plugging away 25 and 30 years after they were new. Unfortunately many plants have phased them out. The last plant I was at that had them, I requested and was assigned a bike for my use. As contractors we were allowed to drive our trucks around, but it was a PITA and my company was too cheap to rent a golf cart. I much preferred the bike and it garnered respect amongst the plant employees that I was willing to be like them and not take advantage of my contractor status.


  • ohideaway says:

    i cannot find out much about my 1953 Men’s Schwinn 3 speed racer, it’s red. I would like to find an approximate value. All original including the tires. pretty good condition….you guys have any idea?

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