Gallery: Brandon’s 2009 Surly Cross Check

Here are a few pictures of my 2009 Surly Cross Check. I use this bike for my short 3 mile work commute, errand running, taking the dog out for runs, looking for treasures on recycling night, and for cruisin’ around Allentown, Pennsylvania. Some notable details include: Acorn bags, Brooks B17, XT derailleurs (low normal/reverse rear der.), MKS touring pedals, Nitto rando bars… and so on. —Brandon

8 Responses to “Gallery: Brandon’s 2009 Surly Cross Check”

  • keithc says:

    hey! I live in Easton! love your Surly, nice setup. you can check out my Pacer on my blog.

  • tdp says:

    Very autumny, I like!

  • Antoine says:

    Nice ride. I’ve just built up a Cross-Check too. Great fun on and off-road.

    Even though mine doubles as my geared-mountainbike I tried to use silver components for a slightly classic vibe. It’s not easy finding silver stuff I tell you, especially in New Zealand!

  • jim whaley says:

    Nice build up on your cross check. Mine was to become an off road ss when I added a fixed gear and it has remained that. I love the relaxed geometry and comfortable steel ride. -Jim

  • Surly John says:

    Very nice bike! A tastefull build for sure. Well done.

  • danceralamode says:

    Wow, beautiful bike! Love the acorn bags too.

  • Joe says:

    A little late to the game, but if you get this… Do you like the Rando bars? I have been thinking of a set for my CxC. I like the Acorn burrito bag, I guess they don’t make it any more :(

  • no speed says:

    Very nice bike. I also own a Cross-Check with all custom parts that looks very similar to yours except that its equipped with bullhorn handle bars and Ostrich bags I bought though Velo Orange.

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