Messenger Appreciation Day

Today is officially Messenger Appreciation Day in a number of cities. If you come across a bike messenger today, be sure to stop and give a hug (or at least offer a thumbs up :-) ).


5 Responses to “Messenger Appreciation Day”

  • AJ Smith says:

    Yes to bicycling, whether working or getting to and from work. However, I’ve seen too many videos and pictures of messengers not wearing helmets and/or weaving in and out of traffic. These behaviors do not support the “cause”, but only pisses off the people driving 3500 lbs of metal passed me. Bicycle properly and defensively, and lets work with the drivers, not against them.


  • Bob says:

    What does wearing helmets have to do with it?

  • Adrienne says:

    I love messengers! They are what started the bicycle movement in SF in the 90’s, so they get my total respect! I even married one (not a messenger anymore : ).

    Don’t go hug them, though. You will probably get a bike chain to the head : )

  • aj says:

    Bob: You have a point concerning the helmets; cyclists not wearing them does not necessarily affect drivers’ attitudes toward cycling. I guess I just lumped together my two pet peeves concerning other cyclists instead of focusing on the manner in which some weave in and around traffic.


  • DeltaTrike says:

    I love messengers too as the all important “outlaw” function/role they have filled. However, except for the helmet crack, which he so graciously atoned for, I’m with AJ. We give thanks to the outlaws for their pioneering work, but it’s now time we move on to cyclists as responsible and hopefully respectful and therefore respectable vehicle operators.

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