Happy Helmet Bike Camera Mount

The wacky crew over at Photojojo are now selling a mount that turns your video-enabled point-n-shoot camera into a helmet cam.


6 Responses to “Happy Helmet Bike Camera Mount”

  • Andreas says:

    Hehe good stuff – I saw this the other day and I’m actually extremely tempted to purchase as I want to do a couple more movies on the bike in London for the blog, not sure how well a camera will do the job.
    P.S. I just posted up a load of DIY bike projects you may be interested in looking in, ran out of time to e-mail you about it :)

  • David says:

    That looks like something I could use for mounting a camera on my Velomobile Quest

  • Saddle Up says:

    Instead of recording my rides and watching them over and over I’d rather just go and do the ride again. A lot more fun.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Saddle Up – Ah, but will you see that newspaper-reading giraffe, flying pig, or rollerskating panda the second time around? A camera can be invaluable in these situations.

  • Larey says:

    Maybe you on-bike camera folks can point me in the right direction. If I understand this set-up, it allows you to mount your existing video-able digital camera on your head and make a mini video.

    What I’m looking for is more of a smaller still camera I can mount on my helmet and simply go on a ride, so it has to be a bit smaller (and less prominent) than the one pictured. I would want to be able to trigger a quick snap of things like a car driving in the bike lane, or a fellow cyclist running a stop sign (would take a huge amount of memory if I tried to snap all of them!).

    I’ve had cameras with remote shutter release but none of those would be unobtrusive enough to leave mounted on my head for any length of time. I would want a handy trigger, even if it was wired.

    Anyone know of such a rig?


  • Dan says:

    I find the picture really funny. It’s a really smooth way of mounting a camera, and weather proof..

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