Gallery: Eddie’s Bike Friday Crusoe

I recently picked up a slightly used Bike Friday Crusoe. This is a fine one with modern up to date lightweight parts and now fitted with drop bars, bar ends, straight riser and threadless stem… and dialed in perfectly with its B17 ti saddle. I believe the same light tubes used on the Pocket Rocket Pro, but with Vbrakes and 406 wheels. What a ball to ride and even if I never fold it… so easy to store in my little house.

Mish mash of nice parts.  Avid SL vbrakes, DA triple front, XTR rear, Nitto 44 Noodles, 105 triple front crank, XTR front hub, Ritchey Pro stem, Tektro drop bar vbrake levers, Sram 991 hollow pin chain, Brooks B17 titanium saddle… about 21 lbs. 406 Greenspeed Scorcher tires, Sun M14A rims with butted spokes, CK 1.25 headset, Capres 9-26 9 speed cassette makes for great all around Bay Area gearing… with some potential to spin out at high speeds, but the small ring acts like a good granny for old tired fart bale out gears.


8 Responses to “Gallery: Eddie’s Bike Friday Crusoe”

  • eddie f says:

    That cassette is the Capreo model with 9-26 cogs to make the small wheeled bike geared pretty much like a 700c wheeled road triple with 12-34 cassette.

  • s0fa says:

    That’ a hot bike, I worked in a bike shop that sold a whole rack of bike fridays and the too-focused-on-road/mountain fellow employees always smack-talked BF even though we sold more of those than Trek Madumbs and Fool 3.1415s.

    Alan is clearly trying to dispel all the hostility that’s-a-brewin’ in the horn honking thread.

  • thermador says:

    Wow, very cool bike. Nicely equipped too. I wonder though, should the saddle be higher? Either that, or maybe some more swept back handlebars? My other question: is it stable enough to ride with no hands, or are the small tires too wobbly?

  • eddie f says:

    I am 58 and prefer bars above saddle a bit. So if it does not look like race fit, it isn’t. As for stability and riding with no hands. I don’t think no hands in this case is about the size of the wheels as much as it is about the steering geo. The steering geo, which I have heard criticized by others does not lend itself to no handedness. On the other hand, basic riding at speed whether in a straight line or descending is quite fine and predictable. I like it a lot.

  • eddie f says:

    one more thing. i am just about 6 feet tall and this bike has contact points dialed in like my 59 cm Bleriot, my 57 cm Kogswell.

  • Crosius says:

    I am still working on riding my BF Tikit with no hands. Last year it was impossible, this year I’ve had a little luck with no-hands. Still not something I can do at will for as long as I want, though.

    I have seen a yellow BF around my neighbourhood – it’s either a Crusoe or a NWT. It’s fast enough that I haven’t got close, yet. :-)

  • charles says:

    Why in the heck would a cyclist want to ride “no hands” sounds like a recipe for the need of a helmet! I always keep at least one hand on the bars and usually with a thumb wrapped around the bar too. I’ve been contemplating the purchase of a Friday for about two years now and look forward to the convenience and performance benefit of a relatively light, quick handling machine that accelerates quick and stows in the trunk of my auto.

  • MDbiker says:

    I have an older Crusoe – age circa 1997 – eBay purchase – still a work in progress – but mine is much more a wicked road machine – notice new Fastace V rims:

    Just about to shave another 1/2lb off with new SRAM crankset.

    Fast baby!

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