Freight Baggage Rack Bag

San Francisco bag maker Freight Baggage is now producing a cargo bag specifically designed to fit the excellent Pass & Stow cargo rack. Matt over at Pass & Stow recently sent me a copy to try out and I’ve been putting it through its paces the past couple of weeks.

I’m a big fan of “porteur” style front cargo racks. On bikes with the appropriate geometry they’re a great way to carry bulky items. Their large platforms make it possible to strap on all sorts of items that won’t fit on a rear rack or in panniers or a messenger bag.

I also really like baskets; they’re super-convenient for tossing in loose and odd-shaped items. I’m starting to see more baskets attached to cargo racks, which is a fine set-up for light loads, but if you have a need to carry heavy, over-sized items one day, then smaller, loose items the next, the constant installation and removal of a basket is likely to end up being a nuisance. The Freight Baggage Rack Bag solves this problem by essentially functioning as a basket, while being easier to take on-and-off the bike.


The Rack Bag is constructed of heavy duty Cordura nylon and industrial velcro throughout. Double stitching is used at all stress points.

The mounting system is simple but effective with a pair of quick-release straps that run beneath the rack base to hold the bag securely while enabling easy attachment and removal. The spacing on the straps matches up with the width of the struts on the P&S rack to prevent side-to-side movement.

The main compartment is accessed through a roll-top that can be adjusted up or down to accommodate varying quantities of cargo. The compartment is huge — with the lid fully extended, the bag can hold more than a full bag of groceries or a dozen books. It’s lined with vinyl to repel water and facilitate easy cleaning of internal spills. The velcro strap for securing the roll top is cleverly designed to fold back on itself when the bag is only partially full (or empty).

The 3-D pocket on the front is large enough to carry a wallet, keys, bus pass, or even a small book and a granola bar. The slip pocket on the back is designed for carrying a u-lock, but could also be used for carrying papers. The compression straps on the sides help stabilize bulky loads and take up slack when carrying smaller items. A removable shoulder strap is included for carrying the bag off of the bike.

The Freight Baggage Rack Bag is intelligently designed and well-made. It’s a versatile bag that functions like a basket or rack trunk while on the bike, and a tote or messenger bag when slung over the shoulder. It’s a must-have for anyone who has a Pass & Stow rack, but it will certainly work on other porteur racks as well. I like the fact that it’s hand-made in San Francisco, and at $150 it’s a great deal for such a well-designed, domestically-made product.

Freight Baggage
Pass & Stow

A.N.T. Bike Party

The Annual A.N.T. Bike Party and Open House is coming up soon:

Annual ANT Bike Party (Bike Rides and Open House)
When:  Saturday, October 17, 2009
Where:  Holliston Mill Building, 24 Water Street, Holliston, MA

More info

Crosswalk Sting

Our local police department does us right. This is great to see.

Ergon BioKork Grip

Looks good. Spotted in the BRAIN Interbike Show Daily newspaper. I’m not on site, but I’ll keep posting the interesting goodies coming out of Interbike as I hear about them.

Civia New Models

Civia’s 2010 models are now posted on their website. There are three new models: the Bryant, the Linden, and the Midtown. The following descriptions are taken from the Civia website.

Quick, refined and graceful, the new Civia Bryant is a high-speed commuter built for all-day comfort. Weaving through city gridlock or rolling down a country lane, the Bryant delivers a lively yet comfortable ride. From commuting to camping, the Bryant can carry big loads while delivering responsive handling, superb balance and outstanding performance. Designed with a unique split rear dropout, the frame accommodates a traditional derailleur drivetrain or a belt drive that provides reliable performance in the worst conditions.


Adapting the strengths of the Hyland, the Linden offers a high-quality transportation bicycle for a great value. Available with a rim brake and a compact drivetrain, this is an out-of-the-box performer.


The Midtown offers the elegance and fun of the Loring for a value price. Embracing simplicity with rim brakes and a derailleur drivetrain, this bike turns heads with styling, yet has the strength and balance to carry a generous load in its front basket.


More on Civia to come from Interbike later today.

Your Eyes on Your Streets

Streetsblog is requesting photos for a series of weekly slide shows they’ll be publishing on the Streetsblog website. This week’s theme is “bike traffic”. From Streetsblog:

We need your help. We want to see what you’re seeing when you’re out there on the streets of America, and we’re going to be asking you to send us your pictures on specific themes in the weeks to come. This week: bike traffic.

In pretty much every part of the country, fall is prime biking weather — not too hot, not too cold. Just right for riding to work, doing your errands or getting out and about for some recreation. Well, we want the proof. Shoot us your pictures of bike traffic in the places you live — the more cyclists the merrier. Of course, while pictures of jam-packed bike lanes are welcome, feel free to send along anything noteworthy, beautiful or just plain fun. We’ll gather the results and put them together in a slide show for your enjoyment and edification.

You can send JPEGs to me at sarah [at] streetsblog [dot] org. Or tag your photos with streetsblog in Flickr. Don’t forget to include caption info, and let us know how you want to be credited. Need a deadline? Submit your entries by next Tuesday, September 29th. And have fun out there!


New Electra Models

Electra recently added the full Ticino line-up to their website.


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