Autumn Sunrise

I try to catch the sunrise at this location every morning on my commute. At this spot, the trail points nearly due east, so in the summer the Sun rises to the left of the trail, and in the winter it rises to the right. On the morning of the equinox the Sun was almost perfectly centered on the trail. The further we get from the equinox, the further from the trail the Sun rises. It’s a pleasant reminder of the passage of time and the change of seasons.

8 Responses to “Autumn Sunrise”

  • Quinn says:

    Great photo Alan. What part of the country to you live in again? Out here in Seattle it’s been a wet past few days of commuting as an intro to fall!

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, Quinn. We’re in Northern California near Sacramento. I lived in Seattle for 10 years, so I know what it’s like to commute in the rain! Stay dry… ;-)

  • Eric from Portland says:

    That shot is straight up Bike Porn…..

  • clever-title says:


    As long as no one dances around naked on the solstice…

  • Erkki says:

    Nice, very nice.

    Btw., today was the first morning here at west coast of Finland when the temperature was below 0°C, it was -2.9°C (26.78°F).

  • random ray says:

    Check out the pictures of Manhattan Henge on Flickr! some time , the same thing happens there . This is nice and peace , sweet .

  • Mila says:

    Wow great photo, but it also reminds me of the upcoming fall and winter. Grrrrr

  • RJ says:

    And how wonderful it is to take note of these things by bicycle.

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