Wald Woody

Wald has been making bicycle baskets and accessories in Kentucky, USA since 1924. Their wire baskets have been a staple of utility bicyclists for many decades. Their latest item, which debuted last week at Interbike, is the 139WW Woody front basket:

Presenting classic functionality with modern elegance – Wald 139WW Woody front basket coming soon to a bicycle retailer near you.

Wald 139WW Woody is the Wald 139 basket with hardwood slats. The handlebar clamps have been modified to fit up to a 1″ diameter handlebar and also to allow room for brake and shift cables.

The top of the basket is 18″ wide x 13″ long and is 6″ deep.

We have begun to ship to our distributors so the 139WW Woody front basket will be available soon at a bicycle retailer near you.

Check out the full line of baskets at the Wald website.


11 Responses to “Wald Woody”

  • ToddBS says:

    Looks nice. Would probably go well on an AHH or maybe the Sam.

    I have a Wald rear rack. It’s chrome and heavy. Not sure that it would hold up on an extended tour, but I may try it out with their folding basket as that is what they recommend.

  • jdmitch says:

    Saw that on Wald’s site the other day… totally sweet.

  • jj says:

    I was wondering when that was coming out. I thought about waiting for one, but needed a basket for the Sweetpea sooner rather than later, and found a Brooks Hoxton wire/wood basket on ebay instead. I’m glad I did as the dimensions of the Wald don’t suit me as much, and I prefer the quick release of the Brooks.

    But I’m glad that Wald has come out with this option – it definitely fills a niche!

  • jdmitch says:


    Yeah, I’d like to see Wald give their QR baskets a woody treatment. This one is rather big.

  • Saddle Up says:

    I have always had a difficult time mounting Wald baskets to bikes that use moderm 25.4mm stem clamp size, the bars don’t taper as quickly as cromo bars of old. It’s like their mounting hardware is still designed for 1924 handlebars.

  • Alan says:


    Most of the folks I know don’t use the Wald mounts, but instead lash the baskets onto a front or rear rack with zip ties, wire, or velcro straps.


  • DeltaTrike says:

    I love Wald baskets, especially this one. The problem I had with the this type (size) is that they are not to be mounted with quick release wheels. I had to use a much smaller, removeable basket that is soley hung from the handlebar. It is big enough for lunch and other things and has a zippable liner. The folks at Wald are a pleasure to do bidness (business for Texans) with and their product line is very cool. I use a Basil rear rack basket on one of my other rides. I’ve noticed that baskets make folks smile.

  • Dave Lloyd says:

    I did something similar, but with the smaller basket and a piece of marine grade plywood left over from an Xtracycle kid seat project:


    The plywood is held on by screws going through the plywood and aluminum bar stock underneath. Nuts and lock washers on the back side of the bar stock. One piece of bar stock is longer than the other and is bent to accommodate a conduit clamp to hold the LED flashlight as a headlight. Cheap, simple and it works. More importantly, my wife loves it.

  • Dan says:

    The info on the Wald 139WW basket states that the handlebar clamps have been changed to fit up to a 1″ (25.4mm) handlebar. I have seen this basket and the legs have 1 axle hole and a smaller hole that can be used to mount to the eyelet on a quick release fork. Hope this will help Saddle Up and DeltaTrike.

  • Bob B says:

    Alan, after seeing this excellent post and pics, I ordered a Wald Woody from my local LBS. It arrived in one day, and is now mounted (using Wald mounts) on a 2010 Raleigh Roadster (8-speed).

  • Malcom Reynolds says:

    That is indeed a fine bicycle basket. I really like the wood slats as opposed to the regular wire bottom.

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