“Stuff We Like”

If you’ve been visiting EcoVelo for a while you’ve seen our road tests and product reviews and recently you may have noticed a new category called “Stuff We Like”.

Road tests are simply bike reviews under a different name. They usually involve an extended period living with a bike (2 weeks to 2 months or more) and include multiple photos and a detailed description and analysis of the bike.

Product reviews are in-depth looks at products other than bicycles (typically parts and accessories). Like road tests, they usually include multiple photos and a detailed description and analysis of the product.

Somewhere along the way we realized there was a need for a third type of “review”. Something less formal, a sort of, “Hey, we like this product and you might too. Check it out sometime.” To meet this desire/need, we created a new category and called it “Stuff We Like”.

These new mini-reviews won’t replace our full-fledged road tests and product reviews, but we’re hoping they’ll enhance what we’re already doing and provide another source of ideas and inspiration.

2 Responses to ““Stuff We Like””

  • Eddie says:

    That’s a great addition to the Category list! Thanks for creating and organizing the reviews so that it is easy to navigate to them among all the wealth of other information you post.

  • David says:

    Stuff We Like.

    A great idea. Where does one start?

    An Air Zound horn fitted with a 1 liter coke bottle. A longer lasting very loud horn.

    The Arkel handle bar clamps I installed on my Topeak handle bar bag. The Topeak bag is great. The Topeak clamping system is junk. The Arkel clamping system is absolutly brilliant. A piece of art.

    Schwalbe tires……

    Lots of cool stuff and great ideas out there in the cycling world.

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