Gallery: Kevin’s Mongoose Tyax Comp Xtracycle

Kevin from Terracycle sent me these photos of his Free Radical conversion. The bike is a Mongoose Tyax Comp that he uses for commuting and everyday utility use. For winter riding he has a backup wheel set with studded tires. You can see photos of the bike before the conversion here. A few component details include Paul Sykes fenders and Terracycle accessory mounts for the bank of 4 headlights. Of particular note is the new TerraCycle Xtracycle idler kit (recently debuted at Interbike) using the Sport Idlers and mounts from Terracycle (last two photos).


14 Responses to “Gallery: Kevin’s Mongoose Tyax Comp Xtracycle”

  • cb says:

    Sweet ride. So many accessories! Has a real “Captain Dashboard” look to it.

    And thanks for introducing me to the concept of idlers. Hadn’t heard of them before this post. Very interesting.

  • ToddBS says:

    4 headlights and 2 taillights and no dyno hub? Man, I hope he has stock in Duracell! :)

  • todd says:

    what is the purpose of the idler on the top, tensioned side of the chain?

    are there plans/is there product to accommodate internal gearhubs and/or Big Dummy with an over-the-bridge idler for the lower chain run?

  • todd says:

    ps: i realize i could just call kevin (same neighborhood!) but public is better.

  • Joe says:

    Neat bike, what are those light holders on the fork?


  • Alan says:


    Those are Terracycle accessory mounts: More Info


  • ToddBS says:

    I like those accessory mounts. We need more products like that, and the stuff from Problem Solvers.

    I like the Free Radical. I may have to pick one up some day and convert my Specialized Hardrock to an Xtracycle bike. I need to get on that before 2012. It would make a fine post-apocalypse bike ;-)

  • kevinPDX says:

    Todd, the two idlers are to keep the chain from sliding and wacking the frame. The top one is a Sport Power Idler and the lower one is a Sport Return idler. The chain is so much quieter than before, when it would wack on the frame.

  • john g says:

    Greetings — may I post a picture of this Xtracycle on my blog?

    Naturally I will attribute and link and so forth…

    Thanks in advance!!


  • kevinPDX says:

    I will post some to your site after work tonight. All the pictures are on my laptop.

  • Bryan says:

    Those idlers are just what I’ve ben looking for. Do you know if they’ll work with the Xtracycle KickBack kickstand installed? Every chain tensioner I’ve seen won’t. Will a specific Xtracycle kit be appearing on your site or would I just order the Sport Power Idler and Sport Return Idler?

  • kevinPDX says:

    The new mounts and idlers will be offered as a kit real soon. I will bug the powers that be to get on it.

  • Pat Franz says:

    Yes, a Big Dummy version is in the works. It’s a little more complicated due to the oval tube. We have a first prototype machined and are testing it.

    And yes, the KickBack sweeps up a wide area and it’s really hard to have it not touch the chain. We are still scratching our heads over that one. I’m pretty sure that something reasonable is possible.


  • Idlers TerraCycle para a Xtracycle « Blog da Cenas a Pedal says:

    […] Já agora, um idler é uma roda (ou um carreto) que suporta e orienta a corrente mas não muda a sua posição/direcção. O objectivo de um idler numa bicicleta ou triciclo reclinados é oferecer um pouco de tensão à corrente, e evitar que ela salte (as corrente das bicicletas e triciclos reclinados são significativamente mais longas do que nos convencionais, exceptuando, talvez, os que têm FWD – Front Wheel Drive). Uma Xtracycle também sofre um pouco deste problema porque a corrente é uns 80 cm mais longa que numa bicicleta sem o kit FreeRadical. Nas nossas Xtracycles, que usamos no dia-a-dia, temos uns idlers DIY, por isso foi com agrado que soubemos pela lista dos RootsRadicals que a TerraCycle iria passar a disponibilizar um modelo pensado para a X. Vejam as fotos do Kevin: […]

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