Bianchi Milano Alfine

For 2010 Bianchi steps into the Alfine IGH-equipped city bike ring with their Milano Alfine. Standard features include an Alfine IGH with RapidFire shifter, aluminum frame and fork, chain guard, fenders, kickstand, and V-brakes. List price is $799.


7 Responses to “Bianchi Milano Alfine”

  • Aaron Collins says:

    What is the deal with that hump…

  • ToddBS says:

    Hmm… why design a bike around an IGH and then give it a vertical dropout so as to require a (rather large) chain tensioner?

  • Scott Wayland says:

    Done look broke-bake to me. Yuk.

  • Matt says:

    The hump is apparently to increase stand-over height while sacrificing frame strength, the chain tensioner, who knows, I suppose vertical dropouts make bike assembly easier (the back and forth position of the wheel is known) but a clean chainline is one of the reasons to do an IGH. I saw the tensioner and thought for a minute it was a derailleur bicycle.

  • Charlie says:

    So if people choose the bike size by standover height, they’ll get a smaller size, and that means Bianchi has to buy less material and corporate profits go up by 27 cents per bike sold.

  • TC says:

    The hump is called “style.” The most important reason to buy this bike, in all seriousness.

    I have a first gen. 7 speed Nexus Milano from 2000. Doesn’t come with a chain tensioner. Asthetically much nicer, though someone who borrowed it crashed when he mashed on the pedals and the hub slipped in the horizontal drop out, dropping the chain, which got caught on the frame and threw him. (not hurt too bad, bruised shoulder.)

    I’m torn , because I want another Milano, but can’t stand the look of the tensioner.

  • Joseph E says:

    An eBay seller in Orange County, CA is selling the 2008 model new for $499; it’s blue with red-walled tires, and only $25 shipping for me here in Long Beach, CA. However, I can’t stand that chain tensioner, and I agree that the top tube looks silly. If they had turned that tube upside down, it would still look stylishly curvy, and would have a lower stand-over. I have been thinking about getting the 3sp Milano Parco for my wife; it doesn’t have the chain tensioner.

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