And Lest We Forget

And, of course, we have the Civia Hyland and Breezer Finesse, both of which we’ve reviewed here. Unlike the others shown below at lower price points, these two are spec’d with the full Alfine group, including hydraulic disc brakes, crankset, dyno hub, etc.


3 Responses to “And Lest We Forget”

  • Tali says:

    Hmmm. Hydrolic disc brakes… On a bike largely designed for utility riding on paved surfaces? Won’t my extra cash and the added complexity give me the dubious benefit of being able to uselesly skid the back wheel, lock the front wheel or send myself over the bars? I mean, I can get the all weather consistency and lack of rim wear with roller brakes, and cable operated rim brakes on alloy rims are a well proven tecnology.

    Just my (perhaps ignorant) thoughts, only having experience of rim brakes, and now a recent convert to the roller brake and regarding extra braking power as a potential hazard rather than a benefit. I mean, the first time you have a real emergency on it, you might make things worse by grabbing a handful. :(

  • jdmitch says:

    I can’t seem to find any information about it other than in my recent Velo Vision, but Tout Terrain is released a belt-driven version called the Metropolitan. Yeah, Tout Terrain is pricey (enough so that I can’t afford it), but it’s VERY nice stuff.

  • JohnnyC says:

    Love both, can’t decide.

    Breezer has better lighting, Civia is a bit lighter and cheaper.

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