Crosswalk Sting

Our local police department does us right. This is great to see.

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  • Duncan Watson says:

    They used to do that in Kirkland, too many deaths on the streets. But they haven’t done it in the last 5 years. I am glad to see it happening. Good for your PD.

  • kevin E says:

    I have seen this in Portland on Hawthorne and also on Belmont. I like this idea. Crossing, even in a marked cross walk, is sometimes dangerous. After the first of this year the ped. laws became like CA.

  • Nick says:

    The kind of driving shown in this video borders on ‘criminal negligence’. The penalties should be far more severe than a point on your driver’s license. With great horsepower comes great responsibility.

    Here in BC we have crosswalks at which cars are required to stop and crosswalks with lights at which they are not. At the ones with lights, many drivers speed up to get through before the light changes. A confusing and frustrating situation for everyone.

  • John says:

    Note that for both California and Oregon (and probably most other places, but those places for sure), that a crosswalk exists at every intersection’s corners whether it’s a marked crosswalk or not. It only doesn’t exist if there’s signage that says no pedestrian crossing.

    I’ve had people in downtown Portland shout “use a crosswalk” when I cross at the unmarked corner of SW 9th & Washington, when I am using a LEGAL unmarked crosswalk as defined by ORS.

  • ToddBS says:

    In Florida it must be a marked crosswalk for right-of-way to apply. There is a complex set of rules governing crossing unmarked intersections. In fact, there was a lengthy piece on it just today on the Florida Bicycle Association’s blog. A long article all about riding on sidewalks… I found it an odd topic for the FBA blog.

  • Steve Fuller says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but an uncontrolled crosswalk, on a street with that much traffic seems like poor street design in the first place.

  • Gord says:

    Steve’s right… It looks like a very busy street!

    @John: almost every jurisdiction I’ve lived in (except South Korea) has the same law you’re talking about.

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  • Eric from Portland says:

    Are you (EcoVelo) located in Sacramento? I grew up in the Greenhaven / Pocket area of flat sac. It is a great bicycle transportation town because it is so flat.

    The photos on your site made me think you were located outside a town in The South or Mid-West.

    I am now, happily, residing in Portland OR.

  • Rick says:

    Alan, my wife an I live in a flat about 5 blocks from where the sting took place, and we just loved watching the video (J street, especially during rush hour, is so dangerous to try to cross!)

    The next time I see one of our local cops at Temple, I’ll have to tell them thanks–and buy them a cup of coffee! :-)

  • Neil says:

    I think we only get that kind of protection on marked crossings (zebra crossings) in UK, and then only once you step onto the crossing. I haven’t ever heard of this kind of sting here.

    I don’t think we’d have a zebra crossing on a 3 lane road normally.

    When pedestrians cross side-roads in UK, cars turning off the main road are supposed to give way. Most drivers and pedestrian don’t seem to know this.

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