Interbike Photos

The Flickr Interbike photos are already starting to flow on day one.

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  • Saddle Up says:

    Odyssey reinvents the saddle???

  • Larey says:

    I must just be getting old. I only find about 5% of these photos “stirring”. All the carbon bling, painted rims, fashion fixies, and mountain bikes with shocks big enough for emergency repairs on an 18 wheel semi to me are just fluff filler between the shots of classical steel bikes and bikes with racks and fenders. And I need to figure out Flickr’s advances search… “AND NOT Odyssey”…

  • Alan says:

    Yeah, not sure what’s up with the Odyssey photos.

    There are certainly a boat load of toys in the group; lots of carbon, razor thin tires, suspension linkages, spindly wheels, and other silliness. All the industry talk about bicycles for transportation doesn’t seem to be holding true in a big way this year (so far, anyway). I wish I was there to ferret out the nuggets for y’all…

  • robert says:


    Are you sure these are the 2009 photos? I saw a picture of a custom bike that we know was there last year but not this year? I initially thought someone had ripped off the custom builders paint job, but then saw it was his bike.



  • Alan says:

    Hey Robert,

    Unfortunately, I have no way of confirming the veracity of the photos. I simply ran a search on Flickr using the keywords “Interbike 2009″ and what you see is what I got.


    PS – Do you guys have anyone at the show this year?

  • Abio says:

    We took some pictures at Interbike 2009 also but our pics tend to be more biased towards folding or mini-velos but I think we have a pretty good range in there.

    Posted on our blog…

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