Happy Autumnal Equinox

In the northern hemisphere the autumnal equinox occurs at 2:18 p.m. PST today (an equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from, nor towards the Sun). I always look forward to this date because it marks the change of seasons and the impending arrival of the cool breezes and lovely colors of fall. It also means it’s time to start playing with bike lights again, which happens to be one of my favorite winter pastimes.

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  • Duncan Watson says:

    My morning ride was in the 40s today and foggy with a bit of a breeze. I expect my ride home to be in the 80s. The weather is back to large temperature swings up here. Still pretty nice to ride in.

  • Alan says:

    Sounds wonderful. We’re actually suffering through unseasonably high temperatures this week; it may hit 100F today. This is summer’s last little cough though – it’ll be perfect riding weather soon enough.

  • cb says:

    Happy Equinox!

    Sure feels like the season is changing, doesn’t it?

    I dug my glove liners out of the bottom drawer last night after riding home. Phew!

    At the overlap of bike geeks and astronomy geeks: Equinox Night Ride!

    Be safe, yall.

  • AJ Smith says:

    Mixed emotions for me. I enjoy the warm weather cycling, but running and cycling to work with windchills -20F are just around the corner. I must commute via running/cycling; it’s part of me. I will miss the runs/rides in shorts, but 2010 will bring more warm weather.

    Colonie, NY

  • Perry says:

    I love the Fall but I always get a little jumpy when the seasons change.

  • Larry Guevara says:

    Nice shot of Jupiter in the morning sky!

    Yes, the weather is still hot in parts of Californial, but it’s cool (55-60 degrees) enough to wear light tights and arm warmers in the pre-dawn hours.

  • Alan says:


    You’re right. I rode today in my usual shorts and t-shirt and got pretty chilled. I made up for it this afternoon though – it was 103F downtown and I just about roasted my brain… :)

  • Larry Guevara says:

    @ Alan,

    Boy, I made a mistake. The bright object in the morning sky must be Venus; Jupiter is in the evening sky.

    And even with sunscreen, the left part of my face is well baked from the four-mile north bound section of my afternoon ride home.

    And completely off topic, I just received a new front 20″ wheel build by Rick Steele, the truest spinning wheel I’ve ever seen, no vertical or lateral wobbles at all.

  • Seth Vidal says:

    you know…. Your sam hillborne could use some dynamo lighting. Maybe from a sidewall dynamo, just for a change of pace.

  • DeltaTrike says:

    Even in steamy Houston, we are feeling Autumn’s arrival. Yesterday was the first of our torrential, flooding-the-streets downpours and today looks like a repeat. On the dry days, I’m still wet by the time I get to work, but not as much as a couple of weeks ago. The afternoons are noticably cooler and the evenings are getting that “let’s just get outside” feel. By next month, it will be down right delightful – cool, crisp, and clear. Then we settle in for our winter where, if we’re lucky, we have a few strings of 5 days or more in the lower 40’s with a smattering of below freezing days. Mainly autumn signals the end of the hurricane season (we hope) and after last year’s bout with Ike that is great news. Fiddling with lights is just very cool and sweet icing on the cake!

  • robert johnson says:

    Here in Portland Oregon the shift in weather is very noticeable. I call this the fender/lights season. I am not so much a fan of this time of year because the beautiful days of summer never seem long enough at this latitude. I do however appreciate these magical days of September when the temps get over 80 degrees the the evenings are perfect for a jaunt around town on the bike and for errands with the Xtracycle. Speaking of the Xtracycle, this is probably the best ever bicycle accessory turning a rarely used bike into a daily cargo hauler. Everyone I know who has one waxes poetic about it and says it is one of the tools that really makes going car- less or entirely car- free possible. Those of you who have one know exactly what I mean. Speaking of lights Xtracycle has a fun glowing set that really lights you up like a travelling parade, hard for cars to miss you.


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