Stuff We Like: El-Duke Degreaser

I’ve been asking around, looking for a better degreaser, one that’s non-toxic but really works. A few people suggested El-Duke, so I ordered up a bottle and gave it a try. Dribbled it on, let it work, rinsed with water, and voilà — clean parts. Couldn’t be simpler. And because El-Duke is soy-based, it does its work without stinking up the place. Good stuff.


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  • Red Cyclist says:

    I’ve been a happy customer as well. I’m so glad my LBS carries it.

  • ToddBS says:

    I’ve heard good things about this stuff. I am a bit concerned though over the name. It’s like a Spanish Mussolini. :)

  • Lush says:

    It’s also a great ice cream topping!

  • Dan says:

    Nick is a great guy with a great product, he even makes his deliveries on a big dummy.

  • s0fa says:

    How does it perform compared to full-strength simple green? I’ve cleaned an uncountable number of chains with it and engaged in a simple green drinking contest and can’t see a reason to switch.

  • Roland Smith says:

    Hmm, I tend to degrease my chain with white spirit by running it through one of those cleaner appliances that you clip around the chain. Works pretty well and leaves a dry and clean chain when it evaporates. I filter and re-use the white spirit until it evaporates.

    I’d try this stuff if I could get it somewhere locally. It seems kind of silly to order a chain cleaner from the US with me living in Europe. :-) Two question though, If you have to rinse it off with water, how long do you have to dry your chain before you can lubricate it again? And do you have to gather the wastewater for disposal?

  • Alan says:


    It performs similarly to Simple Green, but it seems to rinse more completely with less water. Simple Green’s non-toxicity is somewhat questionable – I most definitely wouldn’t drink the stuff!!

    Boston Globe Article


  • Mitch says:

    Alan, that’s good to know about Simple Green. That’s what I’ve been using and now I have misgivings. But in fairness – how do you compare the “non-toxicity” claims of El Duke, beyond it being soy-based? There are no specifics on the website, which I find surprising. Just looking for clarification.

  • Alan says:


    I’ll check with the creator of El-Duke and see if he can provide some information for us. The point of my comment wasn’t so much to compare the two (though I’d like to do that) as much as to suggest to s0fa that he shouldn’t drink it (I hope he was kidding).

  • Mitch says:

    Thanks Alan. Speaking of drinking Simple Green, the Boston Globe article you linked to mentions that the owner used to drink a glass of it at trade shows. Now there’s somebody who drinks his own kool-aid…er, I mean Simple Green. :-)

  • Nick says:

    Hi Folks, Nick here.

    Basically, El Duke is ~90-95% derived from vegetable oils (proprietary blend, mostly soy but some others in there too) and the rest non-toxic/biodegradeable rinse agents. They come from more elaborate but no more dangerous chemistry.

    Product is no more toxic than Simple Green, maybe less so. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK IT! I used to do this to impress people in the early days of the degreaser, but realized it was pretty dumb since people might emulate this strange behavior. It does not taste very good. If you’re hungry, go have some ice cream.

    To put toxicity in dosage terms: it would take a prolonged exposure in huge quantities of the stuff (greater than 1/2 gallon) to have any toxic effect on a 180 lb man. I have Material Safety Data Sheets available if anyone is really concerned about the toxicity.

    See the video here of my friend Todd Paul using the degreaser to remove vasoline from his body He was fine after the degreasing, and doing so well now that he’ll be swimming the English Channel in a few days.

    Thanks for all the interest and kind comments!

    Yours in cycling,

  • Alan says:


    Thanks so much for jumping in and sharing the information. Like I said on the OP – great product!


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