Just ‘Cuz

OK, OK, it’s true; I have a little bike-crush goin’ on, so I posted this photo these photos just because it’s my blog and I felt like it. So there. :) I also figured I’d better hurry up and post a few more Sam H. pics before y’all get tired of looking at orange.

Don’t forget; if you have a pretty bike you’d like to see featured on EcoVelo, just send your pics and we’ll post ‘em here for you and the world to enjoy. Find out how right here.

Speaking of, we’re getting ready to host another EcoVelo Photo Contest. Keep your eyes peeled – we’ll be announcing the details here within the next 2-3 weeks. The prize list will be even bigger and better this time around.

8 Responses to “Just ‘Cuz”

  • bongobike says:

    Beautiful picture!

  • Steve West says:

    Oh keep ‘em coming. How could you possibly grow tired of looking at Rivs?

  • Rick says:

    Or orange. Nice cage and fenders too.

  • Keith says:

    I’ll get tired of looking at orange when I get tired of looking at sunsets.

  • Ryan says:

    Oh Man! I was already jones’n for a Orange Sam H and here you go pouring gas on the fire.. so to speak. I was interested before but kinda lukewarm on the green and gold combo but the Orange white and blue is stunning and your shots are really bringing that out. So yeah keep’em coming

  • Nicolas says:

    Although the bikes presented on this blog are usually nice ones, some I would like to buy or ride one day on the american roads that are located for me on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there is something that seems surprising to me : they are not standardly equiped with dynamo light. To european common opinion, light is highly linked to security and it is very hard to expect from children to have batteries loaded at each time. Dynamo is an easy solution to this. Maybe there is a reason for this choice, but I do not think it is the price. So what is it ?

  • keith says:

    I was going to send you some pictures of my Sam, but that really might be orange overkill. Maybe I’ll wait a while and then send you some. I like your pictures, of course; the Sam is a beautiful bike and a joy to ride.
    Even before you posted your first picture, I was thinking of going with a Sackville bag, and your pictures have pretty much convinced me. I just have to decide between a medium and a large, they both seem to have plenty of capacity. Maybe you could say a few words about them in your review.

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