A Pair of Stolen Bikes

A Glorius, but not the exact bike in question

The following announcement was posted on the Rivendell website today:

Red Glorius stolen in Saint Paul
September 17, 2009

When a daughter’s bike gets stolen, a dad a couple of thousand miles away does what he can do to help get it back, and this is that.

My daughter is a student there, and her red Glorius (mixte) with cream head tubes was stolen from a rusty fence (it was U-locked to it, and they uprooted the fence-section) on Portland and Saratoga Aves. September 16.

Brooks saddle, Schwalbe Marathons…Albatross bars…but basically, if you see a red Glorious around there, a 52, that’s it. I don’t know how to go about getting it back, but I want to do what I can, and Put the Word Out seems to be the extent of my influence.

A reward, too. I buy bikes, too–they don’t come free to me–and she rode the bike all last year and so far this year, and she liked the bike a lot, and it’s just a bummer.

Keep an eye out for it. Maybe it’ll show up on eBay or Craigslist.

You know, on one hand, it’s better that she lose her Glorius than maybe a bike-poorer person. But she got attached to it, and she wants it back, so I’m asking for help locating it. There will be a reward, sure. I don’t know. Something.

The same day one of my daughter’s roomates also got her bike stolen. It was a dark olive green All-Pro (brand) non-mixte with upright bars, black saddle, white grips. Maybe the same guys (sexist but statistically probable assumption) took it, too.

Anyway, it’s not tragic, but it is sad, and it is my daughter and it is her friend, and I think we can all relate. Thanks for any help.  —Grant

Grant Petersen is the owner of Rivendell Bicycle Works. If you have any information about the stolen bikes, you can contact Rivendell here.

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