A Little Respite

I’m very fortunate to have a steady job that I enjoy. My heart goes out to the folks who have suffered through lay-offs, furloughs, and the other symptoms of this terrible economy. I’ve seen it up close and personal with good friends and family being affected. I’ve also seen the stress that it puts on the people who are left to pick up the pieces after companies are “down-sized”. Whether it’s a bike commute or just a simple joy ride, I hope you’re able to take the time to get out on your bike and experience a little respite from it all. I know for myself, there’s nothing quite like a slow ride in the country to reset the psyche and recharge the batteries after a stressful day.

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  • Steve West says:

    I both love and hate your commute pictures for all obvious reasons. Keep ‘em up.

  • Dittrich says:


    Such a nice message. Agreed for one hundred percent.
    I’m also liking the great pictures on this site, nice work!

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  • ksteinhoff says:

    I was fortunate enough to get a nice buyout package Sept. 2008 when my newspaper shook off 300 employees like water off a mangy dog. (Another 300 were gone at year-end. Today there’s about half as many as worked there 18 months ago.)

    On the one-year anniversary of my early retirement, I looked back.

    I was lucky in a bunch of ways. I had the good fortune to work 40+ years for newspapers in four states during the golden days of the business. I got to cover a lot of stuff that my grandkid will read about in history books. I met a bunch of interesting folks doing interesting things that has kept me in war stories for years. Most importantly, I got out before they carried me out.

    Twenty years ago I let my job define who I was; I finally realized that there was more to life than work, even if I enjoyed the work. Rediscovering cycling in 2001 played a major part in that process.

    Celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary was an important milestone, too.

    Where does the time go?

  • Mitch says:

    Well-expressed sentiment, Alan. BTW I’m lovin’ the Hillborne photos…I noticed in the current photo that you got some of that new “Sackville” luggage on your Hillborne. Looks very classy! Is that the large or medium bag in back?

  • Croupier says:

    I sprained my knee skateboarding a week and a half ago and haven’t been able to ride my bike since. It really has had an adverse affect on my psyche and I can’t wait to get cycling again, not just to get out of the car, but because I truly have fun while I’m doing it. Skating maybe not so much… anymore.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for sharing the nice stories. I too try not to let my work define who I am, though I have a while to go before retirement.

  • Joe3 says:

    Great pics…..thanks for the inspiration….as soon as it cools of a little here I’ll be back on my bike.

    I’ve never let work define who I am, growing up in the 60’s I just kept thinking I want to have fun…..responsibly raising my children, now it’s back to the good life. Maybe that’s why I’m still working ( two days a week/full time benefits too) and retirement will have to wait till the magic government dole starts…..

  • Alan says:


    That’s a large. It’s a sweet bag…

  • Edward Lark says:

    I was caught in the legal layoff carnage that went down in the first third of this year, but was extremely lucky and picked up a new job with a great small firm through a friend. Most of the people that were laid off with me or around the same time from other firms are still out there looking, picking up whatever contract or piecemeal work they can find or just collecting stacks of rejection letters. I count myself extremely lucky to have not only found new work in a relatively short time, but to have found work that I really enjoy in the field of law that I was interested in. I did a lot of bicycling during the three months I was job hunting to keep myself sane, and found several new trails and neighborhoods that I had never had the time to explore in the past, but that first bike commute once I got back working again was one of the sweetest rides of the year.

  • daniel runyan says:

    @ Croupier,

    I broke my knee cap riding my bike and have been off the pedals for 11 weeks now :-(
    As much as I love riding my recumbent and velomobile, skateboarding is still my favorite human powered vehicle :-) I’m designing a skateboard rack for the velomobile so I can throw the board on the vehicle and pedal to the skatepark in. It’s a beautiful time to pedal and skate!



  • Croupier says:

    @ daniel runyan

    I live near the beach so it’s a lot of fun to see all of the rigs that surfers come up with to keep their boards on the side of their bikes. I was never clever enough to come up with a rack for my skateboard but I’d love to see your design. You should submit photos of your velomobile to the EcoVelo Bicycle Gallery!

  • paul says:

    Pretty picture. I kinda think your wife prefers riding w/ you when your not carrying the camera tho..lol. I can see her eyes rolling in her head when y’all topped the hill and the sun was falling across the roadway. =)

  • Alan says:


    Actually, she’s as bad as me. Many times we’ve come around a corner and she’s pointed out a patch of beautiful light or a scenic vista. She likes nothing better than sitting by the side of the trail, listening to the birds and watching the sunrise while I fiddle around with my camera…

  • William says:

    @ Daniel Runyan & Croupier
    Rack Lady made a classy looking rack for a skateboard. See her flicker set.

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