More Sam H. Pics

A number of you asked for more pics of the Sam Hillborne

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  • keith says:

    Hi Alan,
    I also got my Sam this week; I took some pictures but I knew they wouldn’t match yours. I have the tan cork tape on my Moustache handlebars, and I put some amber shellac on them last night. SKS fenders, Nitto rack on the rear, Grip King peddles (love ‘em), and a Brooks B 67 saddle. It’s a beauty just like yours. I’m wondering since you went through the trouble to put those fenders on, have you made up your mind about keeping the bike?

  • Leaf S. says:

    Thanks for posting the pictures, they’re great! I really really want to place a call to Rivendell…

  • Grateful says:

    Lawd Alan, that sho is a purty bike. Wow, you really know how to put together a nice bike.

    This makes me want to put the moustache handlebars back on my Bridgestone XO1.

  • Perry says:

    Ooooooh! So purty!

  • WDF says:

    That is a nice bike … beautiful pictures.

  • Len says:

    Wow! Very nice. That orange on the Sam is sure a nice color. Beautiful fender choice as well.

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    Very nice! The setup is elegant, and the twined kickstand is a nice touch. How is the shifting with the friction shifters?

  • Saddle Up says:

    Beuatiful bike and great photos as always. Alan is there a reason you favor non drive side shots instead of the traditional drive side bike photos?

  • Alan says:

    @Lovely Bicycle!

    I’ve been running friction shifters with conventional derailleurs and bar-end shifters on a variety of bikes for decades, and it’s still my favorite way to shift. I don’t at all like indexed twist shifters or integrated brake/shifters (aka “brifters”), though I actually don’t mind Rapid-Fire shifters when combined with an internal gear hub. This is all very subjective and your mileage may vary…

  • Alan says:

    @Saddle Up

    Unless I’m taking photos specifically for a review where I need to display the drivetrain, I position the bike based upon the lighting conditions, composition, and background/negative space. Working in this way may place the drivetrain on either side.

    Thanks for the kind words…


  • Jeff says:

    All she needs now is a Wald basket zip tied to the front rack. ;)

  • Mohjho says:

    Nice bike, but then again, whats not to like about a Rivendell?
    Not sure about the shifter cables flapping in the breeze.
    Nice touch with the matching bar tape on the kickstand.
    I give it a thumbs up!

  • Alan says:


    The guys at Riv chose the tape and did the fine job of wrapping the bars and kick stand…

  • Alan says:


    Yeah, a Wald basket may be in order eventually… :-)

  • Alan says:


    You should send pics of your new bike for the Gallery; I’d love to post them here!


  • Fai MAo says:

    I wish my Sam was that UT Texas burnt Orange.

  • Doug R. says:

    Great shots Alan! I ride ground pounders as you know, but Damn! I could be swayed to a Hilborne!
    Ride reports please! Ratman.

  • Greg W says:

    Is braking power affected by using ‘aero’ break levers? I’ve heard that the angle of the brake cable on a moustache bar may affect the braking.

    I agree with the others; the color scheme was a great choice.

  • Alan says:

    @Greg W

    It’s not a concern – the brakes feel crisp and plenty powerful. If the levers add a small about of cable friction it’s made up for by the use of high-profile cantilevers which provide a substantial amount of leverage.

  • Dave says:

    Wow, I haven’t felt that much envy in a long time. Wow, that thing is just downright sexy. I do believe that a tour around the neighborhood with that bike would be, as a friend of mine once described, a joygasmic experience.

  • Doug R. says:

    So, Alan, could you and the family go on vacation soon and leave the hiborne in an unlocked garage? Black mask ready, check! Riding gear ready, check! Good lies ready for the neighbors check! Ok, then! Ratman

  • Saddle Up says:

    @ Alan. Got it. This is why all of my bike photos look the same, only the location changes in them. I have a hard enough time grasping what I see through my eyes so what I see through the lens of my camera can seems somehow filtered. I focus only on the bike which many times leaves the shot looking staged. You have a way of capturing a bike naturally. Thanks for the inpiration.

  • petergun says:

    Oh my … any chance you give some clues about the camera/lens as well.

    Sorry for the puddle of drool. Ahem.

  • Alan says:


    The camera body was a Canon 50D. I used two different lenses. The wide shots were captured with the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X 116 Pro DX, and the tighter shots were captured with the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro. The 60 macro is my favorite lens for taking bike detail shots.


  • Alan says:


    Beware of my killer Aussies; they’ll eat you for dinner… LOL.

  • Cullen says:

    I wish I wasn’t “balance – challenged” because that bike makes me totally jealous.

    If Rivendell made some trikes, I’d be ALL OVER them!

  • Jonathan says:

    Regarding your hammered Honjo’s: Is that a rear fender cut a bit shorter on your front tire? It sure seems longer than the set I have.

  • Alan says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Those are the extra-long Honjos from Velo Orange:

    V/O has them made special to their specs.


  • Gernot says:

    Hi Alan,

    your photos are the most beautiful bike photos anywhere.

    I just ordered an orange Hillborne and am selling an Indy Fab Planet X to pay for it. Seems like we have similar tastes. :) I also own the splendid Tokina 11-16, but haven’t done any bike photography yet. You sure are getting me inspired.

    Question: Do you think that the 45mm hammered Honjos would fit the frame equally well? I ordered 33.3mm Jack Browns and am thinking the extra fender width might be good. Are you running Jack Browns, or the narrower checker treads? My other options is the Berthoud/SKS plastics, but 42 seems narrow, even though I assume you have more space under a plastic fender because the edges aren’t rolled.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for the kind words. Don’t you love your Tokina 11-16? It’s hands down the best wide angle lens for crop sensor cameras.

    I think you’ll be pleased with your new Hillborne. Indy’s are lovely bikes, but there’s nothing quite like the neo-retro vibe and ride of a Rivendell. Can you tell me how you’re outfitting the bike in terms of components, wheels, etc.?

    I’m running the 45mm Honjo / 33.33mm Blue Label Jack Brown combo and I think it’s perfect. I’m pretty sure the SKS plastics would work fine too, though I’m partial to Honjos for aesthetic reasons. ;-)

    Congrats and send pics of your new bike for the gallery!


  • keith says:

    I also have a Sam and have the 33.33 Blue Label Jack Browns on my bike. I had ordered fenders for the bike but when I went to pick it up, no fenders. One of the guys down there, Jay, suggested I put the 45s on so I went with it. They look just fine and give me extra clearance if I ever want to get bigger tires. I have the SKS fenders, by the way.
    You’ll love your Sam.

  • Gernot says:

    Hi Alan,

    you are welcome.

    I am building the bike up myself, including the wheels. I have done one rear wheel before, and it worked out very well, and have been wanting to build more. The build doesn’t vary too much from the Riv standard;

    Noodle bar, Technomic Deluxe stem
    Honey Brooks (B-17 probably; I’d like to get the copper rivets, but the copper rails seem a little OTT to me; convince me otherwise) :)
    Tektro brake levers, Silver bar-ends, faux cork bar tape (shellacked, with twine) (the last two are firsts for me)
    I was going to use Shimano BR550 cantis from my Indy Fab, but now I am thinking about the Tektros, mostly because I can’t get the DiaCompe 987s that used to be on the Indy Fab back on, because there is a big nut around the back of the bushing that is flush with the spring prong, preventing the prong from engaging with the braze-on. How do you like the Tektros?
    Sugino XC-600 triple, old Deore DX mtn/touring pedals with PowerGrips (another first. If I like the PowerGrips, I’ll get some silver pedals for them)
    NOS XT rear rapid rise, Campy front probably, though I am thinking about a cheaper alternative (NOS Suntour XC Pro?)
    NOS slender 105 rear hub with 12-27 probably and NOS Deore DX front on Velocity Synergy rims (Thought about getting a Shimano dyno hub, but am trying to keep the cost down.)
    Have an old bottle-style dyno lying around with lights, so I’ll go that route; debating on whether to use the dyno-powered rear light I have. Cable installation seems a bit involved, and hard to do beautifully…
    Wanted to get the Nitto Mini front rack, but out of stock. Getting the Nitto Big Back Rack, as I am fond of panniers for grocery shopping. It’s overkill for me, but a rear rack that doesn’t take panniers doesn’t work for me, and I haven’t found a smaller Nitto that does take panniers
    Esge kickstand
    Berthoud/SKS 42mm fenders; still tempted by the hammered Honjos, but I think I’ll leave that for a make-over a couple of years down the road. The bike will be almost too pretty as it is…

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  • Doug R. says:

    Well Alan, here it is 2010, and you and that Beautiful Sam H. did it! Mine is coming in next week! They had to send the frame out for an extra cool Orange paint job, (cost 200.00) extra!
    I could not live with the green one, it is nice, but not my color. Albatross bars soon to be in the breeze! Dougman : )

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