E-Goodies From Busch & Müller

Busch & Müller introduced a pair of interesting new products at Eurobike this week.

The Universal Cockpit Adapter is a universal handlebar mount for mobile devices such as GPS units, BlackBerry Smartphones and iPhones. It will hold almost any device up to 115mm wide.

The E-Werk is a hub dynamo-powered adapter for mobile devices and re-chargeable batteries. It has an output of up to 16W and adjustable current (0.1 to 1.5A) and voltage (2.8 to 13.3V). It comes supplied with cables and adapter plugs for various hub dynamos and devices.

Together these would be a cool set-up for commuting or touring mobile users.

Busch & Müller E-Werk
Busch & Müller Universal Cockpit Adapter

18 Responses to “E-Goodies From Busch & Müller”

  • Duncan Watson says:

    Very cool I can see using both of those.

  • Molnar says:

    Sheesh, you guys are such nerds. When I go out on an exercise ride (I used to call them training rides, but I’m not training for anything, and never was, really) I tell my wife she can’t reach me, so she has to fend for herself. I do take along a mobile phone when I commute or run errands on my ANT, but I always hope it doesn’t ring. Alan, those beautiful photos of yours would lose some of their charm if I saw one of these devices on your bike.

  • ToddBS says:

    I always bring my phone along, but it’s for me to call if I need to. I keep the ringer off. That would be nice for a gps unit though if you are doing brevets or touring. The bicycle-specific gps/computer combos on the market are still pretty lackluster from what I’ve seen.

  • MTBMaven says:

    It’s about time someone manufactures something like this. I use a USB battery pack to keep my Garmin Edge 305 on long rides. Something like this is very useful.

  • David says:

    Gosh, what can I say? I don’t own a cell phone or a GPS. I do know how to use a compass and map from years serving as Mountain Bike Team Leader in the local Search & Rescue. I don’t have an answering machine figuring if some one needs me that bad they can call when I am home. We don’t have cable but we do have a TV with which we watch videos and DVDs from the library. Obviously we do have a computer which we all find rather useful. Our back up vehicle when not riding is a 61 year old Jeep that actually has pretty good heat and starts up every time….(-;

    My ex kept buying our oldest daughter (16 years old) cell phones but after loosing 3 phones in 1 year she gave up. I doubt my daughter has made 5 calls and has no desire to blab away on any phone.

    Does this make us quasi luddites?………LOL


    PS; The other day when out and about on our triplet we passed a girl, perhaps 12 to 14 years old texting on her cell phone as she was riding her bicycle down the bike path. I told her that she was a danger to us all.

    I think that she will fall right in with the rest of the incompetents who have some how bamboozled their way into getting a drivers license.

  • Frits B says:

    @MTBMaven: Dahon has just introduced their BioLogic Freecharger, a battery pack that can be plugged into their hub generator, and in turn can fuel anything like a cell phone, iPod or GPS locator. Price should be about 100 dollars. There is a video on Dahon’s Facebook. Looks promising (provided your bike has a hub generator, of course).

  • Frits B says:

    @David: The texting girl on a bike is a woman and what she did was multitasking. Contrary to men they are good at that. What they’re not good at is map reading.

  • David says:

    Frits B says:
    @David: The texting girl on a bike is a woman and what she did was multitasking. Contrary to men they are good at that. What they’re not good at is map reading.

    Hi Frits

    I hope you are being sarcastic. It’s hard to tell with the written word.

    Multi tasking is all well and good but not when one is suppose to be steering a bike or driving a car.
    How many cyclists have been hit by inattentive motorists in broad daylight who say that they never saw the cyclist they hit?

    Personally I prefer to do one thing at a time and do it well rather than doing multiple things at the same time and doing them half ass.
    I’m a bicycle mechanic by trade and multi tasking while working on a bicycle doesn’t work.

    In regards to map reading, my 16 year old daughter loves maps and from her spot behind me on our triplet or in the past when we have toured on our tandem, she has navigated us successfully using a map and compass many times .

  • simon says:

    awesome me want! handsfree phone, handsfree satnav. The satnav would be great in london or on long touring rides. Handsfree phone great anytime! I can ditch the mapcase and get me one of these!

  • Frits B says:

    @David: Only a little sarcastic, regrettably most of it is experience. I’m always astonished at the way women manage to do several things at the same time, and while texting and riding is dangerous, I see it happen all the time, and yes, mostly by girls. It may help that I’m in Holland where motorists know that cyclists are unpredictable, and that if there is an accident the driver is the culprit – always, as he should have been aware of the danger.
    You are very lucky to have a daughter with map reading skills as these are rather uncommon; I’m told it’s a matter of brain layout. Cherish her!

  • David says:

    Hi Frits

    Holland? I must say you have a far more civilized country than the U.S.A.

    I have thought about it many times of pulling up stakes and moving there.

    I marvel at the bicycle related video’s of Holland. The bicycle infrastructure is simply amazing. America has so much to learn from your country.

    I have a Velomobile Quest due for delivery in less than a month, built in Toronto by Bluevelo but designed in Holland. A piece of cycling art.

    I taught my daughter how to read a map and use a compass at an early age. I do have to say though, she is rather brilliant…..(-;

  • Frits B says:

    @David: More civilized? No, not at all. I would say about on a par with the USA but generally less ambitious. As for bikes it’s just a matter of practical thinking. When you have 18 million bikes on a population of 16 in a small country, the only way to keep things tidy is to keep the traffic flows apart, so that’s what we do. Seems to work, most of the time.

  • David says:


    Oh, I would say more civilized or perhaps better educated might also be used. Though it is improving, cyclists are thought of as second class citizens here. Radio show hosts have in the past promoted the idea of violence towards cyclists.
    Last month a cyclist riding with a 3 year old in a bike seat on a busy road ignored a motorists “advice” to get off the road for safety sake so the motorist shot the cyclist. Amazingly the cyclists helmet stopped the bullet.

    You read about the death of a cyclist on online news papers and the comments by readers after the article will heavily place the blame on the cyclist. It’s just about a daily report about cyclists being killed by motorists in broad day light

    America is probably the easiest and cheapest country to get a drivers license in, requiring the least amount of education to do so.

    There is a great deal of anger towards cyclists in this country.
    Percentage wise only a fraction of Americans use bicycles for transportation., with the average motor vehicle trip, nation wide being in the 5 mile range. Urban sprawl, designed around the automobile does little to promote walking and cycling, In fact making it dangerous to do so.
    Traffic is getting worse and worse but the powers that be continue to accommodate more and more cars.

    Where I live there are people who think we are homeless because we ride a bicycle (built for three) to get around rather than driving everywhere.

  • Andrew Priest says:


    Thanks for heads-up on the Busch & Müller E-Werk. Good to see main stream manufacturers getting into making products for recharging batteries using dynamos. For me this will be great on my Surly.


  • Neil says:

    It ddoes sound similar to the Freecharger,. I guess everyone is realising many people have lots of electronic devices and a dynamo is a good way to top things up.

  • Paul Rivers says:

    Hey, thanks for the heads up about the new products! I was hoping for a battery version of their Cyo (like their Ixon IQ is a battery version of their Fly), but I guess I’ll have to live with a little disappointment, haha.

    For those people who are complaining that they don’t need this kind of stuff, I feel a little like “you don’t have to buy it, you know”. The usb charger, for example, isn’t very useful for charging your cell phone on day trips. But if you were going on a weekend or weeklong touring trip it would be super useful!

  • Miguel says:

    It’s a wonderfull idea. I serched for it for long time.
    I use iPhone for guiding and traking, while listen music.
    Perhaps, it could be better with a dust cover to protect mobile devices.
    Best regards

  • jason says:

    this is fantastic!busch and muller have solved the problem of powering a satnav on a bicycle.
    now you can go from a to b and back on long 100 mile plus tours without worrying about the battery running out on you..
    the best and only sat nav to run on 2 wheels is the tomtom rider because it is designed from the ground up for usage on 2 wheels.it is robust and waterproof.a standard sat nav designed for use in a car and all pdas smart phones iphone etc will NOT withstand the rain and cold of daily usage on a bike.once they get wet you will get condesation on the inside of the display and then hasta la vista satnav baby..the tomtom rider and the mounting kit is designed from the ground up for outdoor usage on a motorcycle so it will easily handle being used on a bicycle..
    just add the Busch + Müller E-Werk 361 and a decent trekking bike with flatless tires some 60 lux cyo iq lights some proper bike wear a decent helmet and who needs the bus train or a car

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