Just Another Commute

These gorgeous sunrises are getting to be a little ho-hum (kidding). Seriously, I never get tired of experiencing the beauty of nature while riding a bicycle.

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  • yangmusa says:

    I was discussing with a colleague yesterday about doing weekend rides in Marin from San Francisco. I sometimes take the ferry to Larkspur because I’m getting bored of the Golden Gate Bridge (not just the tourists wobbling around on the bridge, ok, but they don’t help. Also the route through SF to the bridge. I’ve done it a lot, m’kay?!) – to which he responded I’m crazy to be bored of the GGB. Ok, maybe I am a little crazy! But as I ride across I do usually think I’m lucky to live here and have these fantastic views, and such easy access to the beautiful rides in Marin :-)

  • Larry Guevara says:

    At this time of year, my starting time matches the the sunrise, adding a refreshing change.

    I do notice how many cars do not use their headlights during twilight hours.


  • Simon N says:

    Ahhhh. After that helmet thread this image is like a nice cup of cocoa.

    Thanks Alan.

  • lewis says:

    You always take the most beautiful bicycle pictures, keep up the great work.

  • Eddie says:

    Just another commute? Maybe, but I feel like we’re going somewhere better. You’ve captured the hope and promise of new beginnings in that stunning daybreak composition!

  • Ows says:

    Astoundingly beautiful, Alan.

  • David says:

    Beautiful photo.

    Where abouts do you live Alan?

  • Alan says:

    Thanks, all.

    David – Northern California, near Sacramento.

  • David says:

    Hi Alan

    You have a great site here.

    I’m off the South East coast of New England and raising two daughters solo. They have grown up on bicycles. During the Summer we ride like most drive their cars. The commute during the school year is a 5 1/2 mile ride to school, then solo I ride 4 1/2 to work and then the reverse when school lets out.

    It has to be rather inclement for us to use our old Jeep for transportation.

    PS; In regards to helmets, I wear a helmet adorned with a couple of dozen feathers. It’s sort of like my trade mark…..LOL Also I have been asked if I was Sheldon Brown more times than I can count.

    Just this Summer, my daughters and I were stopped at Dairy Queen for a mid ride treat and a fellow rode by on a road bike. He pulled a U turn and went by us again and then pulled another U turn and stopped and addressed me as “Sheldon”.
    I said to him, “You mean Sheldon Brown?” He said yes and I said that I was sorry to have to tell him but Sheldon had died a year and a half ago.

  • Tom says:

    I really enjoy your commuting pictures. They inspire me to keep riding each day. Here in the Midwest, my 6AM commute had some wonderful sunrises in the late spring/summer, but now it stays dark until well after I have showered and settled into my cubical. Thankfully I can still catch the sunrises on my weekend training rides or joyrides, when I have a little more flexibility on the schedule.

    Your site is a daily read for me, and a big inspiration. This is my second year commuting by bike, but my first year commuting 80-90 percent of the time since March. The pictures you take and stories you write or link to always help motivate me to get up and go by bike again, morning after tired morning. Thank you!

    -Tom in Indiana

  • Michael(the wife:)) says:

    I don’t generally say much here, but to Tom, David, Eddie, Lewis, Simon and all the other kind folks who leave encouraging comments, THANK YOU! Your comments about us providing inspiration/motivation is what keeps US going. Alan and I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

    We really do have the best readers on the web!

  • Bob P. says:

    I have less than a week to bike commute, then the school buses make the ride untenable. … I need to move to a bike friendly area.

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