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This poll is a follow-up to the discussion under yesterday’s “Quiet Killers?” post. Please read the comment thread before voting.

How do you feel about drivers of quiet vehicles tapping their horns to announce their approach?

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Autumn Sunrise

I try to catch the sunrise at this location every morning on my commute. At this spot, the trail points nearly due east, so in the summer the Sun rises to the left of the trail, and in the winter it rises to the right. On the morning of the equinox the Sun was almost perfectly centered on the trail. The further we get from the equinox, the further from the trail the Sun rises. It’s a pleasant reminder of the passage of time and the change of seasons.

Wald Woody

Wald has been making bicycle baskets and accessories in Kentucky, USA since 1924. Their wire baskets have been a staple of utility bicyclists for many decades. Their latest item, which debuted last week at Interbike, is the 139WW Woody front basket:

Presenting classic functionality with modern elegance – Wald 139WW Woody front basket coming soon to a bicycle retailer near you.

Wald 139WW Woody is the Wald 139 basket with hardwood slats. The handlebar clamps have been modified to fit up to a 1″ diameter handlebar and also to allow room for brake and shift cables.

The top of the basket is 18″ wide x 13″ long and is 6″ deep.

We have begun to ship to our distributors so the 139WW Woody front basket will be available soon at a bicycle retailer near you.

Check out the full line of baskets at the Wald website.


Quiet Killers?

A new study out from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that hybrid electric vehicles are more likely to collide with pedestrians and bicyclists than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. At low speeds, when an electric motor is most likely to be engaged, the collision rate for hybrids was double.

I don’t doubt these findings; I’ve been startled more than a few times by hybrids that “snuck up” behind me in a parking lot.

From the study:

This study found that pedestrian and bicyclist crashes involving both HEVs and ICE vehicles commonly occurred on roadways, in zones with low speed limits, during daytime, and in clear weather, with higher incidence rates for HEVs when compared to ICE vehicles.

A variety of crash factors were examined to determine the relative incidence rates of HEVs versus ICE vehicles in a range of crash scenarios. For one group of scenarios, those in which a vehicle is slowing or stopping, backing up, or entering or leaving a parking space, a statistically significant effect was found due to engine type. The HEV was two times more likely to be involved in a pedestrian crash in these situations than was an ICE vehicle.

Read the full technical report [1.3mb PDF] →

David Byrne in San Francisco Tonight

David Byrne hosts “Bike Advocacy and the Urban Environment”
With guests David Chiu, Leah Shahum and Mike Teitz

David Byrne has been writing and performing music and directing video and film for more than 30 years. He was mastermind and lead singer and guitar player for the Talking Heads, the innovative rock band, who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. What might not be as well known is Byrne’s longtime passion for biking and advocacy for bicycles in cities. He’s written a new book, Bicycle Diaries, an account of his urban bicycle odyssey through the streets of Istanbul, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin, Paris, Belgrade, Sydney, Manila, New York and San Francisco. Byrne has gotten around New York on a bike since the early 1980s, and often brings a folding bike on tour. Bicycle Diaries features beautiful photography, personal anecdotes from Byrne’s wide travels and a strong argument for the way a bicycle can change our view of the world and the city in which we live.

David Byrne will be joined on stage by David Chiu, the President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors; Leah Shahum, the Director of the San Francisco Bike Coalition; and Mike Teitz, Director of the Economy Program, a Senior Fellow, and former Director of Research at the Public Policy Institute of California. Together they will address the intersection between bicycle advocacy, urban planning, civic responsibility, and the pleasure of seeing the world from the vantage point of a bicycle.


[via Cyclelicious]

New Surly Website

The new Surly website is live. Love the “fridge” theme — lookin’ good!


Xtracycle Gallery

Photo © theglife

I just discovered Xtracycle Gallery (where have I been?). They claim, “Xtracycle Gallery is the most comprehensive list of Xtracycle cargo bikes on the planet.” I have to agree. There you’ll find photos and descriptions of over 400 (and counting) Xtracycle conversions, with a few Surly Big Dummies thrown in for good measure. Lots of cool bikes there…

Xtracycle Gallery

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