Trek Belleville

Trek is moving more seriously into the utility/transportation market with a new three-speed they’re calling the Belleville. The look is decidedly retro but with an aesthetic nod toward high-end utility builders such as A.N.T., Kogswell, and Vanilla. Specs include a CroMo frame, steel racks front and rear, dyno lights, chainguard, and 3-speed Nexus IGH (what, no kickstand?). There’s a diamond frame and a mixte version available, both retailing at $659.99.


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  • Dottie says:

    I was talking to a bike shop owner about the Trek Belleville last week. A steel mixte frame w/ internal hub on an entry-level city bike – nice!

  • ToddBS says:

    That it comes with a generator hub and lights for that price is impressive as well. I’m not a huge Trek fan, but it looks like they hit a home run on this one.

  • Tim says:

    Some interesting notes:
    +Brakes don’t have recessed nuts
    +Rear dropout is a short horizontal with a derailler hanger
    +Removable saddle clamp on the seatpost rather than Laprade type.

    All very interesting.

  • John says:

    This makes my Raleigh One-Way look like not such a great deal. :-/

    I can’t complain too much, though. When I was in the market, the selection of city bikes was not bursting at the seams like it is now.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Agreed. I’m no huge Trek fan, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Red Cyslist says:

    What! No belt drive? I would love to see that bike sporting a belt drive with the 8 speed hub like the Soho! Maybe Trek could do a mash-up of the two bikes:)

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    That top tube on the men’s frame doesn’t do it for me; I wish they had left it a classic diamond frame. The mixte however, is spectacular!

  • Fiona P. says:

    I just called my local Trek dealer to see if they knew when these were coming in as I’m really interested in the MIxte..I may have to wait until November and pray that its not snowing so I can test ride one. I dont know a lot of bike tech jargon but I do like the look of the bike and am very interested in riding one:) I’d have to swap up the brown saddle and grips though..Ugh!

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    @Fiona. Swap it for a Brooks. They really should have put one on there (or at the very lease a clone) to get this one right.

  • bongobike says:

    Nice! The old Trek head badge and seat tube decal from the early 80s look sharp. And they are making it in a 64cm! Hmmm…

  • Fiona P. says:

    @Dolan Hallbrook
    ~ You read my mind:) I was actually thinking a Brooks saddle and maybe even the Brooks leather grips

  • Bob B. says:

    Perhaps the time for the 3-speed transportation bike has returned? A simple and reasonably affordable 3-speed bike could be the answer for many riders. I hope they do well with this model.
    Does anyone know when they will be available?

  • lyle says:

    I do believe that Trek has a winner here. The price is unbeatable. The only drawback is the ugly retro paint job.

    I have this year’s Trek Allant and having gone carless in April, rely on it for everything. My only pet peeves are: a commuter should have a double kickstand and the aluminum frame is unforgiving to my aging bones.

    I’m definitely going to ride one when my LBS gets one in and if I can get over the faux retro paint, then I’ll probably buy one.

  • ToddBS says:

    Hmm… to each his own. I like the look of the old style paneled paint jobs.

  • Capateto says:

    Too bad the frame is welded rather than lugged. Otherwise, she’s a beauty. Maybe they’ll upgrade for next year’s model?

  • Lovely Bicycle! says:

    I love the retro paint job, hopefully they will keep that. Though BikeSnobNYC is right in that they are looking like a movie set for NAHBS!

    Of course I would love to see lugs and Brooks accessories on the mixte, but we’d be talking about a different price range then. It will certainly be an improvement seeing these on the streets than what is currently available at that price level!

  • Amos says:

    Anyone heard anything about weight? I didn’t see anything on Trek’s site.

  • Margaret ONeal says:

    Curses! This is the bike I wanted last year when I purchased the Lime. I’ve since moved beyond 3 speed, but I may have to consider selling the Lime and getting one. I don’t know what to do…

  • Alan says:


    Who says you have to limit yourself to one bike? Heck, if you’re replacing a car, having a half dozen bikes looks pretty affordable.

  • dweendaddy says:

    Not perfect (what non-custom bike is, anyway: why the integrated handlebar-stem? ), but a damn good addition to American bicycles: an upright, steel, internal hub driven, three geared, fendered, racked, good size tired, chain-guarded, dynamo lighted bike. Now if the other big companies each made a good looking competitor….the prices might even get close to $500.

  • daniel runyan says:

    Looks fun!
    Good price too.

  • Random Ray says:

    Nice looking , but I have three sweet 40 + year old three speeds with lots of miles left in them . Good to see the maket opening up for three speeds again .

  • bongobike says:

    OK, I was all excited about the 64cm size, but then when I looked at the geometry chart, they have a different list of sizes and the biggest one is 60cm. According to the specifications page, the sizes are 46, 51, 55, 59, 64cm, but according to the geometry chart the sizes are 50, 52, 56, 58, 60 cm. Which one is right?

  • TrekkinDave says:

    Worry not bongobike, 64cm is correct and will be available in the US sometime in October.

  • Marshall Taylor says:


    I am sure you guys know this is a Gary Fisher Knock off! I gotta post this on my blog against the Gary Fisher…TREK Jacked G.F.

  • Alan says:


    Trek has owned Gary Fisher Bicycles since 1993…

  • Craig Brady says:

    Ordered mine this week and was told Dec 15th I should have it. I wonder why the long wait?

  • Alan says:


    December 15th is not bad for a 2010 model. Some bikes won’t be available until late winter/early spring. We’d love to hear back from you with a report once you have the bike in hand!


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  • michelle says:

    Can I ride this in the winter?

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  • Vorlauf says:

    Gotta love the Mixte, and a second to the notion of putting an 8 speed hub on it. It might add a couple hundred to the price, but it would be well worth it. A lugged frame would be great, but I know it couldn’t be done at this price point, and frankly, I like that it could still be a sub $1K bike even with an Alfine or Nexus 8. I see that not everyone likes the paint, but I love it on this bike. A front disk might not look retro, but I think the option would be easy to add and would be practical for city riding in mixed weather. Kudos to Trek for the Mixte, and I hope it continues to evolve.

  • Joe and Connie says:

    We just got this bike….and it is a sweet ride.
    Went to Austin, Texas last week and stopped in Mellow Johnny’s.
    Yes, the Vatican of Cycling…..Lance’s toy store. They’ve got all the goods!
    We got there just before closing time, and folks were pouring in to attend a fund raiser for Breast Cancer, sponsored by the Luna Chix. We ponied up a donation and ended up winning the grand prize…a brand new Trek Belleville, and a mess of cycling gear. It’s a girls frame, but I rode all over Austin while my wife was in at a real estate conference, and this bike turned some heads everywhere I went.
    A racing bike she’s not, but a cruiser, oh yeah! The stiff frame soaked up the bumps in the road quite well. The rear internal 3 speed hub shifts smoothly, the front hub contains a magneto generator that runs the LED lighting system.
    My titanium racer will leave her in the dust, but life’s not always about how fast you go; sometimes it enough to just look good while you’re looking at the world go by…..besides, we’ve got a good karma story……………….LIVESTRONG.

  • Philip Williamson says:

    I just got the mixte for my wife. I’m very impressed by the features and execution on this bike. Vintage Trek badges, integrated lights, internal wiring… awesome.

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