Gallery: Harm’s Jeffson Commuter

This Jeffson was built by a local bike builder Jeff Anderson, the owner of Kiwibikes. I commute to my teaching job four days a week at around 25km round trip a day. At an elevation of around 400 meters it’s quite a climb to get in and out of town. The 29″ wheels make the climb nice and easy and she is a smooth and comfortable trip. 

This year I converted my old Ortlieb motorcycle panniers to fit on my rear carrier to enable a reasonable hauling capacity. The lights I’ve fitted are Nite Flux 6V/ 15amp halogen which throw out a nice splash of lux to enable me to ride home at night. I’m planning to fit an electric assist hub to the front to enable a quicker ride up the hills and reduce my commuting time. Thanks to the reasonable rake angle of the front fork she is a smooth and comfortable ride. —Harm, Rotorua, NZ

3 Responses to “Gallery: Harm’s Jeffson Commuter”

  • Bob Baxter says:

    Nice bike. I like the splash guard on the down tube.

  • Steve Nelson says:

    Well thought out bike, look forward to hearing about the electric assist.

  • Cullen says:

    Very utilitarian!

    I’m suprised that it’s not equipped with fenders…

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