Within Reach

Ryan Mlynarczyk and Mandy Creighton are bicycling around the U.S., spreading a message of sustainability and connecting with others involved in the sustainability movement. From their press release:

In celebration and exploration of all things green, two bicyclists on a year-long journey around the United States share their message about sustainable communities. They’ve travelling 12,000 miles to visit sustainable communities such as ecovillages, cohousing, coops, spiritual communities and more, to learn what sustainability efforts are underway in the United States. Mandy and Ryan also want to help you get a better feel for where you might fit on the spectrum of all that is involved with living more sustainably in your existing community. Is it through your style of educating children? Greening your home? Food production (or consumption!)? Getting involved with the Transition Town movement in your area? Where does it feel right for you to contribute in your own communities? In order to explore this, they’ve developed a dynamic group exercise that they’re calling “Mind Map Mandala” workshop, which they share in town hall style meetings in cities and towns along the way. This presentation includes video clips from some of the many communities they have visited thus far.

Within Reach

One Response to “Within Reach”

  • Mandy Creighton says:

    Thanks for posting information about the project! I see you have the REI Novara Safari bike advertised on your site…that’s the one we ride now! Great for touring.

    Keep up the great advocacy work for sustainability!

    In partnership,
    Mandy and Ryan

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