Big Ol’ Jet Airliner

We burned a year’s worth of carbon for two people today. Yup, we got on a big-ol’-jet-airliner and flew coast-to-coast. This was a big deal for us because we’re pretty much homebodies most of the time, staying close to family and work, staying out of the car and off of airplanes, takin’ it easy on Mother Earth, etc. …LOL. We’re super-excited to be on this trip though; we’re doing a photo shoot for one of our favorite bike companies for their 2010 catalog. This will be Alan’s first official gig as a “professional” photographer (we’ll use that term loosely). We don’t have any idea where this adventure will lead (not this little adventure, the larger adventure of capturing images for compensation), but we’re having fun and stepping through a door that’s been opened for us. Stay tuned — we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled program in a few days.

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  • Geoff says:

    Sure looks FLAT, HOT, and vegetationless where you came from (assuming that’s a pre-boarding shot) !! Hope you enjoy the alternative environment of the ‘far country’ and have a safe trip home. We’ll be waiting to see all these new ‘professional’ photos (if they’re blog-related). I doubt he’ll have any problems, as those shots on the blog generally are outstanding !! Travel safely…

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    Lucky bike company!

  • dickdavid says:

    Congrats on the gig.

  • Random Ray says:

    Well , good luck with the new direction .

  • Luke Elrath says:

    Welcome to the east coast Alan and Micheal. Sorry about the rain, but I’m sure you’ll make the best of it. Enjoy your time in PA!

  • Larry Guevara says:

    Have a great trip. That picture couldn’t be SFO, could it?


  • Mohjho says:

    Since you are now travelers, It looks like it’s time for you to start posting on folding bikes.
    What do you say?

  • Chris Cummings says:

    Good to know some companies still value “artistic value”. I’ve always thought you had a keen I for photos. I know you’ll be a success! Remember to have FUN!

  • Alan says:

    Many thanks for the kind words and encouragement!

    @Larry: SMF

  • Johnny says:

    Happy travels! Looking forward to your photos of your trip! :)

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