For Sale: Pashley Roadster Sovereign

I mentioned it in passing a while back, but I wanted to make an official announcement that my Pashley is for sale. The size is 22.5″ which is appropriate for riders with a 33.5″ — 38″ inside leg measurement. It was purchased in May of last year and religiously maintained. Those who know me know that I baby my bikes, and the Pashley was no exception.

The bike can be seen and test ridden at Gold Country Cyclery in Shingle Springs, CA. I’m asking $950 (retail is $1595). I’d be happy to answer any questions you have, or contact Rick Steele at Gold Country if you’d like to set-up a test ride. —Alan

Please note: The Roadster that’s for sale is the diamond frame shown in the photos. The step-thru is a Princess and it’s not for sale. The price includes everything except the bags.

12 Responses to “For Sale: Pashley Roadster Sovereign”

  • bongobike says:


    Can you really adjust the seat up high enough to accommodate a 38″ inseam? Is that because of the slack seat tube angle that gives it a semi-crank forward position? I guess it has a pretty long seat post.

  • James says:

    Hi, is the bike still available? I might make a trip up from the Bay Area just to try it out. :)

  • Alan says:

    Hi James,

    The bike is available. Be sure to call Rick Steele at Gold Country to set up an appointment before you make the trip. 530/676-3305


  • Roland says:

    I like the bike and am seriously considering buying it. Only problem is I am in Calgary, AB, Canada and need to know if you can ship, and at what cost.



  • Irfan Hussain says:

    Hi, is the bike still available? I am willing to buy this bike. Please let me know my Cell # is as follows. (630) 886-5056. I live in Homewood IL USA my Zip code is 60430

    Best Regards,
    Irfan Hussain

  • Vasilis says:

    Dear Alan,
    would you mind to inform me who manufacture’s these wonderfull bags you had on your Roadster Sovereign?
    I have placed an order a few days ago for my new Sovereign and as i was searching for bags, i fell on Ecovelo site and your special photos.

    Greetings from sunny Athens / Greece,

  • Alan says:


    You can read about the bags here:

    Enjoy your new bike!


  • Vasilis says:

    Dear Alan,
    thanks a lot for the very quick response! I would love to have the Sovereign right now in my hands, instead of waiting for at least one month! I hope it is worth waiting.
    Both Basil and Nigel Smythe bags are wonderful. Any ideas of how i can purchase Nigel Smythe bags in Europe?

    Kind regards,

  • Seth says:

    This is sold I suppose?

  • Alan says:

    Hi Seth,

    Yes, it sold a while ago. Thanks for asking.


  • Amoeba says:

    Would you mind elaborating on your reason for selling the Pashley?

  • Alan says:


    The combination of the weight, the limited gearing, and the shallow seat angle ended up being a little hard on my bad knee, otherwise it was a fun bike.

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