Thursday Morning Commute: Golden

If you’re wondering why I posted these morning commute photos this week, it’s because the sunrises have been so lovely, and each day they’ve been completely different. This morning, for example, the light had an intense golden hue that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

I’m also hoping these photos serve as a reminder that we’re not likely to have these kinds of experiences from behind the wheel of a car.

7 Responses to “Thursday Morning Commute: Golden”

  • keith says:

    If you’re in a car, you’re not likely to stop and take a picture like this. Very nice.

  • JQFrederick says:

    And, if you’re in a car, you’re more likely to just be cursing the reflection of the light on your windshield, because you can’t see the other cars/pedestrians/stop lights and, of course, those darn bicycles!

  • kit says:

    C’mon. You’re just posting these photos to show off how damn sweet your rig is. ;)

  • daniel says:

    heheh I don’t think my commute has those nice fields and roads with no cars :p.

  • Kevin says:

    What a scenic commute! I am jealous. :).

  • Dottie says:


  • nady says:

    the photo is of a solar power assisted rider. with auxiliary power provided
    by beauty.

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