Cash for Clunkers, Portland Style

Now this is my kinda’ Cash for Clunkers program:

Bring in any old repairable* clunker, get $50 off any new bike priced under $1000 (excluding the Flying Pigeon), or $100 off one of the following: Mundo, Boxbike, Joe bike, or a complete XtraCycle build (Free Radical kit + new bike). We’ll donate your clunker to the Community Cycling Center, Bike Farm, or some other nonprofit that could find it a new home.

*Our staff will determine whether or not a bike is repairable.

The new bike you choose can be either something we have in stock or anything we can order, so you can choose from a wide range of bikes from Batavus, Surly, Redline, Torker, Abio, Pake, and others. The program will probably end on Sept. 1 2009, or maybe later.

Joe Bike

7 Responses to “Cash for Clunkers, Portland Style”

  • roy says:

    Now that is a clunker program that I appreciate. The taxpayer has no debt and is not required to pay for someone else’s vehicle. Yet it benefits at least three parties; the buyer, the seller, and the recipient of the clunker.

    Great. Let’s have more of these.


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  • nady says:

    well blast it i like the trike cars. i saw one on a recent road trip and it just made my day.
    there is a fun aspect to it-not utilitarian. i also saw a can am spyder, and met a guy who
    had slid 2 city blocks after a nasty motorcycle spill. saw a roadside memorial for a 20 year
    old killed in a motorcycle wreck.
    i will look at ebay’s can am spyder line-up, but it’s really the 3 wheeled “cars” that give me
    goosebumps. cars become clunkers the day they’re assembled in the factory, some of them.
    because they’re no fun. where’s the fun?
    i also like to look at the folding-wing trimaran sailboats. and my new rans stratus rides just
    like my recently sold tour easy. got it for 300 bucks. so sue me, the only car i ever owned was a vw rabbit-i did’nt even know how to drive, but was convinced i needed it cuz it got 50 mpg. loud as a jet engine. i just can’t drive in a straight line. but i’m a genius in a go-kart
    on a curvy track. sorry eisenhower and the interstate system, but i think bicycles and trikes win in the curvy department.

  • nady says:

    yes i’m a portlander and yes i am famous for straying off-subject. here in portland you
    will find new life breathed into old clunker..BICYCLES..i’m talking about old steel frames
    getting chop-suey’ed into double decker tallbikes. i’d like to see da guv’t take after the
    british and turn some old cars into double decker dodges.

  • Son of Snerd says:

    Nice take on C4C here:

  • Cars4Charities says:

    Good for you, a well thought out program.

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