Monday Morning Commute: Hopeful

I hope you enjoyed your commute as much as I enjoyed mine!

9 Responses to “Monday Morning Commute: Hopeful”

  • daniel says:

    Getting up on Monday mornings is so much easier knowing that I get to ride to work with fresh legs!

  • Ben says:

    It looks like you ride the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) to work. The handlebars are the warp nacelles.

  • bongobike says:

    Alan said:
    “I hope you enjoyed your commute as much as I enjoyed mine!”

    I wish that were possible! Looking at your pics makes me think your commute takes you on some of the most beautiful and peaceful bike paths in the country. I doubt very many people have access to great paths like those. You are very lucky to have that infrastructure nearby.

  • Sharper says:

    You don’t need to rub it in. I was already running late when I noticed my back tire deflating severely about 3/4 a mile from home (and on the opposite side of a crew fixing a massive water main break), so I hiked the bike back home through the mud and drove in. I’ll get my eleven miles tomorrow…

  • Alan says:


    I like that! :-)

  • Alan says:


    I don’t mean to be greedy, but we need more trails, and those that we have need to be worked into a cohesive network. I’m fortunate in that around 15-20% of my commute is on trails, but the rest is on city streets. The photos aren’t meant to be misleading, but I don’t make a habit of taking photos while mixing it up with traffic, so most of the commuting photos that end up on the blog are from the trails.

  • Alan says:


    Sorry about that – I hate that feeling when you realize your tire is going flat… :-(

    I hope you have a wonderful ride tomorrow!

  • bongobike says:


    That is 15-20% more trails than I ride on my commute–I have zero :-( And no, I wouldn’t want you taking extreme panda pics on the mean streets. Keep taking those beautiful trail pics!

  • kit says:

    oh, the commute was great, it was the rest of the day i could’ve done without. ;)

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