Banjo Brothers Market Pannier

Grocery panniers are designed around the footprint of a standard grocery bag. They conveniently pop open to shape when needed, but fold flat against the bike when not in use. We find them indispensable and always keep one on each of our bikes as a catch-all carrier.

The Banjo Brothers Market Pannier is similar to a basic grocery pannier but with the addition of carry handles, a shoulder strap, and a top flap. Most grocery panniers stay on the bike when you’re shopping, but the Market Pannier’s added features make it a convenient replacement for a reusable (or disposable) shopping bag at the farmer’s market or in the grocery store.

The Market Pannier is well-made and the materials and workmanship are better than expected for a $50 bag. But it’s the smart design that really sets this bag apart; combining the convenience of a standard grocery pannier with the eco-friendliness of a reusable shopping bag is a brilliant idea that works remarkably well in practice.

We use the Market Pannier practically every day and it has simplified our grocery runs by eliminating the need to always carry separate grocery bags and fuss around with loading twice (once in the store, and once again on the bike). Highly recommended.


  • 1250 Cubic inch capacity (sold individually)
  • Roughly the size of a paper grocery bag 15″ H x 13″ L x 8″ W
  • Heavy-duty 3mm polymer frame on back and bottom to prevent sagging
  • Rubber-coated steel mounting clips
  • Reinforcement panels in all wear areas
  • Cinch-down flap keeps load covered and secure
  • Side straps adjust support and fold pannier closed when not used
  • Inside zipper pocket for keys and cash
  • MSRP: $50
  • Made in China

Banjo Brothers
Purchase a Market Pannier at Hiawatha Cyclery
Purchase a Market Pannier at Calhoun Cycle

23 Responses to “Banjo Brothers Market Pannier”

  • Kenneth Rhodes says:

    Shame, Shamem Alan. One of the most crucial features of any pannier is means by which it is secured to the bike rack. Yet, you have not a word or picture regarding how the Banjo Brothers Market Bag is fastened to the rack.

  • Larey says:

    “We find them indispensable and always keep one on each of our bikes as a catch-all carrier.”

    I’ve pretty much abandoned all my other panniers in favor of a similar market bag for my daily commute and weekend shopping/errand trips. They simply can’t be beat for utility.

    I also have seveal other open top grocery bag type carriers but they are all much shallower than the pictured Banjo Bros unit and I’ve been looking for a better “Second big bag” unit for days when one is not enough.

    This article has helped me make up my mind and I’m going to order one of these carriers. In my experience, a cinching top and practical handles makes a huge difference between bags.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Ken; I’ll add a line in the specs. The mounting hardware is nearly identical on almost all utility panniers other than the high end models by companies like Ortleib and Arkel, and the Market Pannier is no different: a pair of steel clips (usually rubber coated), a bungee cord, and a metal hook. Simple, but effective.

  • Yiorgos says:

    Would you also please start adding information about where reviewed products are made? I am probably not alone among your readers in avoiding the purchase of goods made in countries with poor environmental and human rights records. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • peteathome says:

    A decent grocery bag-style pannier goes a long way in turning a bicycle from a recreational vehicle to a utility vehicle. I leave mine on the bike pretty much all the time.

    This looks like a decent and well priced bag.

    However, I notice that the hooks are placed so that the top of the bag sticks up above the top of the rack. This means you can’t strap larger items onto the rack, using the top of the pannier as support.

    Of course, there are advantages of having the pannier higher – it’s less likely to cause foot interference or to rub against the spokes. I guess it’s a tradeoff.

  • Alan says:


    That’s a great suggestion. Thanks…


  • Jeff says:

    I’ve had this bag since late winter. It’s great for my daily commute. Plenty of room for a lunch, pump, lock, clothes. It rides very well on the bike and goes on and off in a flash. It looks fine in the office and is easy to carry with the shoulder strap or handles. It holds its shape well and folds pretty flat when empty. The small inside pocket is handy for keys, flash drive etc. The bag is not waterproof, so I keep a small plastic trash bag in the pocket to hold my stuff if I hit rain. I only have two complaints. The plastic covering on the hooks wore out pretty quickly. It hasn’t caused a problem, but a more durable covering would be nice. The horizontal reflective strips are high on the bag. This is great when the bag is full because it gets them higher up into a driver’s view. However, if the bag is not full, this area of the bag is pleated to fold in, effectively hiding the reflective strips and defeating their purpose. An additional strip at the bottom of the bag would be nice so that is still shows when the bag is partially filled. Overall, a great pannier and a fantastic deal. I would absolutely buy again if necessary.

  • Andre says:

    Would these work on a front pannier rack?

  • Neil says:

    I’ve finally found a Grocery/Shopping Pannier for sale in the UK – Bontrager Grocery Bag.

    It is the only one I have ever come across in the UK and given it’s called a grocery bag and refers to “standard paper grocery bags” I assume it must be imported from USA. Anyone have any experience with on of those? I will probably get one anyway.

  • Carlos says:

    I’ve had two of these Panniers for about a year and really like them. Jeff’s comments are spot on. Before I got them, I had the same concern as “peatathome” that since they stick up above the rack, I wouldn’t be able to strap things on the rack. This hasn’t been an issue since the bags have such great volume, haven’t needed to use the rack.

    Features I like the most vs. the open top style grocery panniers are the top cover & shoulder strap. The wallet holder is also nice.

    I also have one of the Banjo Bros water proof panniers. Has worked well on some rainy commute days.

  • Alan says:


    I haven’t tried it, but I’m assuming they will work on front racks that don’t have a platform that extends beyond the the attachment points.

  • dave says:

    gross. flaxseed bread. You must live in california, but not in San Francisco.

    Outside of that, I have one and it’s great, but being further east often need to cover my stuff from the occasional rain shower – I use a carradice shopper the majority of the time.

  • John says:

    I have the Banjo Bros. grocery pannier (the uncovered version). I think an additional benefit to the market pannier is that the load probably sits a little lower than with the open top grocery pannier. This can aid handling. I often feel my bike feels a bit top heavy with a full load of groceries because the load sits higher up.

  • Frank says:

    Thanks for the great post! I’ve been looking for the most functional pannier for some time and think this one definitely hangs up at the top. I’ll definitely be checking them out further!

  • Scott says:

    I really like the top flap – regular grocery panniers have always seemed unworkable to me because I expect stuff to go flying out with every big pothole. But why are these things always black? That absorbs heat (and who wants hot groceries?), and makes it more difficult to see inside them. Does anyone make a simple, grocery-type (easy-on/off, one big pocket, top flap, handle/strap) pannier in a lighter color?

  • Alan says:


    I think most bags are made black to hide the inevitable grease and road grime they’ll pick up over time. The Minnehaha grocery pannier we reviewed earlier this year is made from canvas and is a little lighter (more like dark gray than jet black):

    Minnehaha GP Review


  • Simon N says:

    Hey Alan,

    Just wondering if you know of any panniers with strong rubber-coated steel hooks like these that are also waterproof. I tend to break the plastic rail-hook variety and have opted for Deuter Rack Pack Unis and plastic bags inside for my water-vulnerable items as a kind of work around…


  • Alan says:

    Hi Simon,

    You might check out the Banjo Brothers Waterproof Pannier: Click Here

    It uses essentially the same mounting hardware as the Market Pannier, plus it’s waterproof and has a roll top.


  • Fiona P. says:

    Hi there,

    1st time commenter:) I’m glad you posted up a review on these panniers as I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect or close to perfect grocery panniers. I think I may get these now :)


  • Alan says:

    Hey Fiona,

    Welcome and thanks for commenting! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the panniers.

    Best regards,

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  • Bill O. says:

    i’m not sure whether this is new or not, but the attachment system on the BB Market Pannier that I bought is different from the system that you (and others) seem to be describing. The two top hooks and the bungee are still there, but there is no lower hook. Instead there is a triangular “loop” that is supposed to catch on a protrusion at the bottom of the rack. Less convenient than the bungee mounted hook I think. There is a hook included that can be bolted to a fender eyelet. I did not like the idea of that hook poking out from the side of the bike, but I would have been willing to make the tradeoff because the Market Pannier seems to be really nice. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use their hook because of a combination of fender and rack mounting issues. Again, it’s a nice bag, but folks should be aware of the unusual (in my experience) mounting system.
    NOTE: the eyelet hook was missing from my bag and all the other Market Panniers at the LBS. The folks at the store were able to take a hook from a different model pannier, so it’s worth checking to make sure that the hook is there before you leave the store.

  • Fiona P. says:

    @Bill O

    Thank your for mentioning this as I’m supposed to be picking up mine this week and I want to make sure they are going to work correctly for what I’m paying for them. I will make sure to thoroughly inspect them before I leave my LBS

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