The Path Less Pedaled

Those of you who follow the cycling blogs are probably aware of Russ Roca, the “Eco-Friendly Bicycling Photographer“. Russ is a professional photographer who has worked car-free in Southern California for a number of years, “living outside the lines” and getting to-and-from his photo sessions on his Bilenky cargo bike. This year, Russ and his partner Laura Crawford decided to give up most of their worldly possessions and hit the road on their touring bikes hoping to connect with like-minded individuals and document their experiences on their blog, The Path Less Pedaled:

The Path Less Pedaled is an exploration of what it means to live outside the lines. In March 2009, Laura Crawford and Russ Roca made the decision to drop out of the status quo and find others around the world who have done the same. Paring down their lives to just what will fit on two bicycles, Laura and Russ are embarking on an extended bike tour throughout the US and beyond — with the goal of connecting with and collecting the stories of people who followed a calling to live their lives in unique ways. Through photos, interviews, sketches, hand-bound books, and an extensive web presence, Laura (an art jewelry maker) and Russ (a photographer) will compile example after example of lives less ordinary — independent artisans and makers, small business proprietors, community activists and more.

Russ and Laura are presently leaving their home of Long Beach, CA for Portland, OR where they’ll kick-off their adventure with an event sponsored by Bike Portland (read about it here). If you’re in the area on Monday 8/3, drop by the event and give them a grand send-off.

The Path Less Pedaled

2 Responses to “The Path Less Pedaled”

  • peteathome says:

    I believe they have been living in Long Beach, Ca ( LA area) not Santa Barbara. They have great writing and phtographing skills, so I’m sure this trip will make very interesting reading.

  • Alan says:

    Corrected – thanks. Not sure why I typed Santa Barbara (brain fart)… LOL.

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